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Top Heritage Attraction Of India With Maharajas Express

Explore Top Heritage Attraction Of India With Maharajas Express train - covering Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Ranthambore.



It won’t be wrong to call Maharajas Express, the luxury train. It is known to take people to unique heritage sites. Be it the luxury or historical tour, people live to travel via Maharajas Express. As the name itself says, it is a king of all trains. Given below are some of the handpicking iconic attractions. You can visit them via Maharajas Express. Have a look...

1. Taj Mahal

This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You will be very happy if you visit Taj Mahal Carvings with Maharajas Express. The route followed by Maharaja Express includes Gems of India, Indian Splendour, Indian Panorama, Treasures of India and Heritage of India. This place is famous for staggering sunrise and sunset.

2. Jantar Mantar

JantarMantar is famous for holding the world’s largest sundial. The route to this place includes things like Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India. It is also known as 18th century science observatory. This place is situated in Jaipur. This amazing place was built by Jai Singh II.

3. Amber Fort

It is also known as Amer Fort. It is famous for architectural beauty and elephants. Even this place has Indian Splendor, Indian Panorama, Gems of India, Treasures of India and Heritage of India in its route. The major attractions of the city are palaces, havelis, temples, halls, courtyards etc.

If you love sightseeing, exploration, photography and adventure activities, you should visit here.

4. Ranthambore Fort

Every Indian gets filled with pride when it comes to Ranthambore Fort. It is home to many wild animals. People come here to especially see tiger, bears, leopard, sambar etc. It is worth mentioning that it is situated in Ranthambore national park.

Even migration birds are found here sometimes. The major attractions are peace giving palaces, entrances, courtyard etc.

These top heritage sites are likely to astonish you. It is not mandatory to go every place. You can choose a single place to visit. You will definitely experience different combinations every time. This train is famous for giving a memorable experience to visitors. You can view Maharajas Express Train fare and Departure Dates anytime at our site. Maharajas Express is ready to take you there. The worth noting thing is that it these places are also an international tourist destinations.

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Shimla is one of the most popular and beautiful hill stations in the Himalayas in India. This trendy tourist destination is visited by adventure tourists, and people on vacation with family and friends. Many honeymooners choose this hill station as it is a nice place for couples to visit on their honeymoon. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and there are many tourist destinations in the city. The Ridge is a famous destination visited by many tourists every year in Shimla. The following are some of the details about The Ridge:

About Ridge

The Ridge is a very large open space in the center of the city in Shimla. The Ridge has an interesting history. Underneath The Ridge, there are large water tanks that store the water supply for the city. The Ridge which is open space is known for the cultural events and fairs that are held at this location. It is located near the famous Mall Road area of Shimla and this road joins Mall Road at Scandal Point. The Ridge is also located near the famous Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla which is a wooden crafts market. The following are some of the details about The Ridge in Shimla.

Some Useful Details about the Ridge

• There are many famous landmarks at The Ridge for the tourists to visit. These include the famous Christ Church, The State Library, and The Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex.

• There are no vehicles allowed in this area. This is a great place for tourists to walk around and enjoy the natural beauty of this city. Morning, afternoon and evening are all ideal times to visit and facilities like food stalls and washrooms are available in the area.

• The Ridge is one of the great places to visit in Shimla as there are horse rides for tourists, food vendors, and lovely benches installed for tourists to sit and have a great time at The Ridge.

• The Summer Festival at The Ridge is particularly popular with locals as well as tourists. This Summer Festival takes place in May or June every year and is a colorful and vibrant festival. This festival is held to offer thanks for the harvest of the season.

• There are various music and dance performances at the Summer Festival at The Ridge. There are cultural performances and folk dances performed at this festival and famous Bollywood singers have also been known to perform at this festival.

• Flower shows, talent competitions, games, and recitals are all held at The Ridge as it is the cultural hub of the city. There is also a Miss Summer Festival Pageant held at this festival.

• The Ridge is a beautiful place to visit all year round. It is particularly pretty during the winter months and during Christmas when many times it snows in Shimla for the residents to get a White Christmas.

How to Reach

Shimla is a very accessible hill station even though it is situated in the Western Himalayas. Shimla Airport is situated 14 kilometers from the city and Shimla is connected to other parts of the country through the Kalka- Shimla railway line which is famous for its scenic beauty. Shimla is also accessible to tourists by national highways and roads leading to Shimla. The Ridge is located in the heart of the city where vehicular traffic is banned. There are private vehicles and busses in Shimla but The Ridge is a place where the tourists have to travel a small distance on foot to reach the destination.

Shimla is a beautiful tourist destination and has been historically significant because of its colonial history. There is a vibrant mix of the colonial charm and modern-day culture of Shimla and The Ridge is a great example of this beautiful city.

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