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How to Build A Successful Career Working From Home - 25 Startups Hiring Now

Learn how I created a successful business working with startups from the comfort of my own home.

There is no time like the present to make a change in your life. When I graduated college, I foresaw myself doing big things. Working in a newsroom for a major paper, or becoming the President of a large non-profit, were just a few of the dreams I had. As I started exploring these careers through internships, I found that the image of the job was much more glamorous than the reality. 

I've struggled with chronic health issues in my life, and due to this I simply don't have the energy required for the typical rat race. The commute, 8 hour days away from home, having to eat out or prep food for the entire week - it was all just exhausting for me. 

After an especially hard day at work, I decided to make a change in my life. I was going to work from home. Now this was back in 2012 - so remote work hadn't exploded as it has in the past few years. This being said, I knew it was possible and I knew I needed to make it happen. 

I reached out to my entire network, and even negotiated jobs that would be in-office to be remote. This is how I got my first remote gig with Grameen Bank - I started out as a journalist for them, and worked my way up to Managing Editor. Through this position I learned all about SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and more. 

I quickly learned that these skills were in high-demand among startups. When anyone asks me how to find remote work, I always tell them just go to AngelList. Even if you don't have the skillset yet, go to the site and browse the opportunities. Marketing Managers and Developers are always in demand. Read over the skills they require, and go out and learn those skills! Do some work for free to build your portfolio, and soon enough you'll be getting paid to work from home. 

Don't believe me? Here are 50 startup companies hiring right now - 

MuteSix - Online Marketing Agency

Founder Institute - World's premier idea-stage accelerator & startup launch program

Flyreel - AI-assisted underwriting solution for commercial and residential properties.

Rise Science - Sleep better. Do better.

Bobble Keyboard - An expressive way to converse on mobile

Alpha Recon - Enterprise Security Risk Management and Intelligence

Stealth Gaming Startup - E-sports platform to facilitate competitive gaming

Activated Insights - Improving Aging

Vufind (DBA DeepVu) - Deep learning as a service for maximizing margins for brands

Neuromation - AI marketplace and development platform

Watching That - The video intelligence platform

maze.design - Turn your prototypes into insights

LEAP FINTECH - Software Development Heroes

Galaxis - Content Protection and Sponsorship Matchmaking for Creators

Agrex.ai - Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Retail and Security Industry

Moon Zebra - Crypto incubator

TourMega - Kayak for tours and activities

SWARM - Product & Innovation Consulting

ControlShift Labs - Hacking Activism

Martide - Crewing Simplified

WISHUP - Shared Executive Assistant for Entrepreneurs, SMBs & CXOs

AwakeY Tech - Do away with the hassle of carrying keys. Unlock with a passcode.

Branch Messenger - Operations platform for hourly employees

Lojic - Blockchain-Based Supply-chain Management Platform

Ansa - Ephemeral Messaging Designed for Control. 

The Cirqle - Masters at data-driven influencer marketing

Viafly - The simplest way to shop your city

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