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How to Minimise Shopping and Save Money

Minimalism is not just a design aesthetic - it is a lifestyle. To become a minimalist, start with your shopping habits first. Here's a list of how you can stop shopping and save more money in the process.

Minimalism is more than just a design style or aesthetics. It can also be a way of life. Minimalism as a lifestyle can save you lots of money, lessen clutter in your home, and be a way to focus on things that truly matter in life.

If you want to practice a minimalist lifestyle, start on minimising your shopping habits first. If you are a chronic shopper who is ready to spend money after getting your paycheck, then stop and check your priorities first.

Check the list below to find out how you can minimise your shopping the next time you’re ready to swipe you card or hand over your cash.



  1. If you see something you like, ask yourself if it’s a need or a want.
  2. Ask yourself: Do I have something like it already? Chances are you already have something similar to it. If it’s an eyeshadow palette, you maybe have the same palette with neutral shades. If it’s another white top, count how many white tops do you already have in your closet.
  3. Avoid sales like a plague. If you buy something on sale that you did not really need or truly wanted for $75 instead of $100, you did not save $25, you spent $50.
  4. Before you buy something, check for reviews online first and weigh out the pros and cons. This gives more value to the thing you are going to buy and see if it really is the right fit for you. The last thing you need is spending money on a product you will only use once.
  5. Do not buy something right away. Add it to your wish list and revisit that wish list a week or a month later. Chances are, you already forgot that you want the product or you’re off to the next new thing out in the market.
  6. If you can borrow or rent an item that you want or need from friends or family, then do it. But make sure to give it back every time.
  7. Before you buy an item, compare it to your hourly wage. Ask yourself this: How many hours do I have to work in order to buy this item. Is this item worth the time I worked for?
  8. If you really need an item but you have limited budget for it, try looking at pre-loved items online first. Some people just want to get rid of them and you can buy it at a cheaper price. There are also some people willing to give away their items because they are decluttering. You can check out your local Craigslist or some local zero waste groups where they give out items for free.
  9. Another tip when buying stuff is prioritising quality over quantity. Buying an item for a cheap price you will only use a few times is not a good investment and will cost you more as time goes along. It is better to buy something that is a little bit more expensive but has a better quality and which you can use multiple times.
  10. Unsubscribe from promotional emails and newsletters. Not only are you getting rid of digital clutter, but you are also getting rid of unwanted temptation from sales, special offers, and new products.
  11. Always have a shopping list when you go grocery shopping or going to the mall. Stick to the list. If it’s not on the list, don’t buy it.
  12. Always have a budget when shopping and stick to that budget. Moreover, when shopping, be sure to carry a list of the things you need to buy so you can avoid unnecessary purchase.
  13. Carry cash with you instead of a credit card. You are more reluctant to spend money that way.
  14. Learn how to do the 3R’s: Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce- Do not buy excess. Do not buy what you already have a lot of. Reuse- Keep reusing something until it wears out or until it breaks down. You can also convert some stuff for a different purpose. For example, if you don’t like the shampoo or body wash you’re using, you can use it as hand wash. It saves you money on the handwash. Recycle- do not be ashamed to DIY stuff. You can also upcycle furniture and other household items.
  15. Lastly, do not keep up with the Joneses. You do not need to have the latest gadget, fashion, makeup, car, or any other new stuff on the market. Other people usually don’t know or don’t care. I love makeup and fashion. A LOT. but it doesn’t mean i have to buy the latest stuff out there just to keep up with other people.When I put makeup or when I wear an outfit, 99% of the time, nobody knows the label or brand of what you’re wearing or using. Nobody knows if you’re using Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks or if you’re wearing Zara or Topshop. Most of my nice pieces come from the thrift stores and online shops at a super cheap price. It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. It’s now about what make-up brand you’re using but how you do your makeup.

Just like what Tyler Durden said in the movie Fight Club, “Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need.”

Do not succumb to shopaholic tendencies. Be a minimalist. Live sustainably. Change your lifestyle.


Anne Balad is the digital strategist for, a website service where you can create a free website. Let her know how this article resonates with you; you can find her on Twitter @annebalad.

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