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When Lightning Strike And Burned My LED While Watching Game Of Thrones!

All-State Construction and Restoration is a Florida-based contractor providing a host of services that restore, protect, and beautify your home.


Burned curtains, carpets, chaise lounge on fire and damaged beyond repair LED was all I witnessed before embracing the welcoming blackness! The first thing I noticed after coming back to my senses was my friends hovering over me with worried expressions. It took me a moment to realize the enormity of the natural calamity that strikes my newly purchased house. With numb senses and pounding heart, I took into account the gravity of the situation. If only I had listened to my husband and hired expert services of lightning protection in Clermont FL I would have saved my sweet home. I never knew a single mistake on my part will destroy my house and ruin my appliances to ashes!

My husband and I recently purchased our dream house built in front of a beautiful lake. We did a thorough inspection before finally moving in. we checked our roofs, windows, electric system, gutters, interior and exterior paint, wooden flooring, lawn and pool to check if anything needs repair or replacement. Apart from kitchen cabinets and bathroom faucets, everything was perfect. However, the handyman warned us to get lighting protection installed to save our home from a frequent lighting strike in that area.

He even recommended us a contractor who was reputed for best lightning rod installation and offered the most affordable rates. My husband asked me to call them, I thought that I will give them a call tomorrow and retired for the day.

Next day, we got bad news that my ailing grandmom passed away. We immediately packed our bags and went to attend her last rituals. Upon returning after a week we got busy in our daily life and completely forgot about the issue. Finally, the disaster strikes us on that unfaithful day. My husband had arranged a Binge GOT session for his friends at our place and being a perfectionist he wanted everything to be arranged perfectly. We worked really hard from selecting the menu to cleaning the beautiful chandelier in our dining room, from giving a fresh coat of paint to our exterior window frames to power washing our swimming pool.

We all were enjoying and having gala time cribbing that in the finale season GOT has turned into a mushy room that suddenly the lightning strike and burned our curtains, carpets, and sofa. We experienced a blackout and the only source of light was fire emanating from my sheer white curtains. My husband and his friends tried to douse the fire with water and forbade us not to move from our respective places as there was an electric current in everything!

Finally, my husband called lightning protection services who asked us to evacuate the house immediately before they started their work. My husband shifted me to a nearby motel and called my friend Sally to console me as I was still in trauma!

The experts informed us that lightning in our house was caused due to a leaky roof. We were astounded because we checked our roof back a couple of weeks back and found everything perfect. Hens the rainy weather played culprit and caused the roof to leak and gutters to clog resulting in lightning our house.

We hired expert services of seamless gutters in Clermont FL for our gutter restoration and only after they completed their job we started the restoration of our home. The same experts recommended us the professional services of exterior painting as our paint was ruined beyond repair. This incident was an eye opener for us and we vowed never to neglect the safety of our house under any circumstances.

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House cleaning – these two words can take the wind out of sails for a bachelor or a housewife during the weekends. There will be cat fights in every family, but one decision is never debated. Seeking the help of a professional for house cleaning service. Yes, it is a luxury in many urban cities, but it is also not so expensive. You can easily hire Home Cleaning Services in Noida. Let’s check out the reasons you should hire professional cleaning services.

1. You Work Full Time

You stay in an urban city and go to work from 9 am to 5pm. The activity of commuting takes a further two hours. In all, by the time you reach home, tiredness starts to creep in. Your energy gets drained. You do not feel the passion for other manual work activities such as cleaning the home. So, it is time to do manual house cleaning activity on the weekends. You stay in a society where humans are social animals. Weekends are the time to catch up with family, friends or attend events. There are chances to take children to a movie. So, how about making the living space a clean home? For that you can hire professional home cleaning services in Noida. They can make your favourite dwelling glow like glittering surface.


  2. You Have a Busy Family Life

You hardly find energy or time for going out with the family. Most of the time, you spend on deep home cleaning in Noida and the other most important task, cooking. And yes, taking care of the children is a gruelling activity. With all these duties in form, it becomes difficult to maintain a clean home. It can cause problems to your health and on your relationships.

3. Division of House Cleaning Jobs – Friction in Marriage

In nuclear families, sharing of house menial jobs come as the major part of catfights. But when you hire a professional for deep home kitchen in Noida, the work gets outsourced. A housewife definitely benefits from this arrangement. In fact, she gets more time to spend with the family.

4. You Enjoy Entertaining

Is a happy event on the cards in your family? Marriage, wedding celebration or a grand birthday party. Yes? Then do not worry about cleaning in the to-do list. Save your energy, timing by hiring best after party cleaners. A pro specializing in house cleaning can just take the load off. Now, you can concentrate on other factors to make the event a grand success.


 8. New Born

A new-born not only brings happiness but also cleaning. The laundry is the service most sought after, in a similar situation. A new-born can cry in night, and play till dawn, making the occasion hard for you, new parents. The new routine can throw you off guard. So, in this case, hiring professional home cleaning service in Noida can help you get the much-desired gift. A few hours of valuable sleep.

Getting a professional company to clean your home can be quite good because they have team of trained people who are adept in offering various kinds of cleaning services. You can connect with which is a sought-after cleaning service provider in Noida for any related service.

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