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How do Chatbots take Customer Service to the Next Level?

Here’s how chatbots are taking customer service to the next level, so have a look


In this modern world, artificial intelligence is redefining the way of rendering customer service. In simple words, AI is making things easier for those companies that want to deliver exceptional customer service. Chatbots are a vivid example of artificial intelligence, which can ensure the deliverance of phenomenal service during customer interactions.

According to emerging reports, 80% of corporations are likely to invest more money in chatbot development by 2020. The prime reason behind this is most of the customers don’t mind by being assisted by chatbots, as all that matter is satisfactory resolutions.

For the sake of delivering astounding customer service in a continuous manner, established inbound call centres in UK, USA, Australia, etc. are showing great interest in chatbot implementation.

Here’s how chatbots are taking customer service to the next level, so have a look:

1. Swift resolution

Prompt resolutions have always been one of the major desires that customers have before initiating a support service interaction, as they don’t want to wait to get product-related issues wiped out. However, giving satisfactory resolutions swiftly isn’t easy when you have a pile of customer service queries to solve, right?

This is where the prominence of chatbots snowballs because they always ensure the delivery of swift resolutions. How? Well, the answer is pretty simple: chatbots stick to the point while answering customers’ queries, which as a positive consequence, decreases the average handle time. Hence, quick resolutions are very much on the cards.

“What if customers throw chatbots a curveball?”

Well, mate, you have a point. In this scenario, chatbots give an answer according to their intelligence and also provide an option that enables customers to connect with human support agents. After all, high customer experience is their main objective to accomplish.

2. Always-on support service

At the present time, offering customer service all day and night is no longer an optional choice for brands. It is so because customers having an expectation that they would get a proposed solution can contact for help at any time.

In case customers don’t get reliable service in an hour of need, there is a high possibility they would leave the brand forever. This is evidently not good from the business’s perspective.

At this point in time, having chatbots in customer service operations seems like a blessing because they can cope with support requests 24/7 with the utmost ease. It so because chatbots don’t feel tiredness, unlike humans, thus they can deal with customer service queries all day and night with flying colours.

3. Learn continuously

The salient perk of AI-powered chatbots is they learn something new with every customer service interaction. Hence, they are likely to deliver an enhanced level of solutions during support interactions that will happen in the future.

This shouldn’t be taken lightly because you have to conduct skill development programs periodically to increase the performance of customer service reps. Barring a big chunk of money, this also consumes a significant of time.

On the flip side, chatbots learn automatically, and all thanks to machine learning. To cover up all the bases, recognised inbound call centres provide datasets to chatbots so that nothing can go wrong during customer service interactions. Owing to this, responsiveness and accuracy of customer service bots get increased.

In any case, customers say the response given by chatbots wasn’t up to the mark, there is high possibility AI-driven bots don’t use such answer in future.

“Do self-learning chatbots increase customer service operational cost?”

Well, having concerns like this one is normal, but we would like to reveal the fact that chatbot implementation reduces operational costs instead of increasing. As per Chatbot Magazine, customer service chatbots slash 30% of operational costs after being implemented.

So, if you are running an in-house inbound call centre and willing to take care of customer service queries in a flawless manner, bring chatbots in support operations right away!


The number of AI adopters is going to increase, and that’s for sure because applications of artificial intelligence will do more wonders in the near future. Usually, there is chaos about which one renders the best support service — chatbots or human support agents. To be honest, impeccable customer service can be delivered when both chatbots and human support agents work in collaboration.

There is a high chance that chatbots will play a much bigger role in the way organisations interact with customers during support interactions.

By means of this write-up, we have tried to shed light on how chatbots are taking the quality of customer service to the next level. We hope you have understood all the aforementioned pointers. In case you have some queries or want to give some suggestions regarding this write-up, feel free to tell us in the comment section.

Thanks for reading!

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