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This guide is written on popular demand. It is intended to tell not only how to smoke a pipe (without elite and abstruse terms), but also whether you should start it at all. The article is free from the inherent theme of elitism, does not load with terms and it is relaxing, so conceived.


We mentioned it before: crush your weed with or without a grinder. Try to ensure that it is consistent and even. Prevent it from becoming a cannabis powder. If you wanna get more tips and equipment for smoking then you can visit https://www.smokeday.com


Place the screen you selected in the center of the pipe. Make sure your screen is the right size, otherwise crumbs will appear where you don't want them.


Seasoned pipe smokers know that it is better to fill the pipe a little lighter at the bottom and a little more solid at the top. That way it becomes a silky smooth smoking experience. It ensures that combustion and air flow are better and that inhalation becomes easier. Definitely recommended!


Yes, there is a certain smoking etiquette when smoking a pipe. And especially if you do it with a couple of friends. Here we have a list of tips for the novice pipe smoker who can help. Don't panic if it's all a bit too much for you. Pipe smokers are always relaxed personalities and very forgiving. Make sure you stay courteous. Who does well, meets well!


If you are an experienced blower, then you are probably familiar with 'cornering'. Here you light only a part of a bong or pipe bowl, in order to save unburned weed for later. If you do it right, the 'cherry effect' may arise. This is a red embers at the bottom of the pipe that continues to burn from hoist to hoist. This makes re-lighting unnecessary.

If you use the flame in a controlled way, you avoid roasting your top, which detracts from the taste and produces unwanted chemicals. Cornering is considered a good practice when you smoke with a group of friends. The initial burning of green weed produces an explosion of flavors. It is not entirely fair if the first person experiences this. With cornering everyone in the group has an equally pleasant experience.

There are a few ways to do this. First of all, it is possible to keep your lighter completely on the edge. For example, only one corner of the pipe bowl burns (hence the name). Another method is to keep the lighter above the bowl. For example, only the tip of the flame drops when inhaled. A third way is to use a hemp wick to burn a small piece of weed at a time.

There are a number of alternatives to cornering. For example, partially refill the pipe bowl after each puff. Or fill small individual bowls for everyone. You can also ignore these considerations and ignite the entire pipe bowl if it is your turn. However, these methods ignore the common idea behind the smoking process. Everyone thinks about each other with cornering. Cannabis etiquette is something you have to learn. And once you master it, you never have a lack of buddies to blow with.

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Here are some of the Rules to consider while writing an effective article

1. Opening Paragraph

A large opening paragraph at the start of an article is one of the biggest barrier. To need some strong introduction, you need to choose some strong words and make effective sentence. Have something Unique to say, keep it simple and speak directly to the reader with your words. Explain What Article is all about.. the importance of article...

2. Choosing best Title or Heading

The Most important part of an article is the Title / Heading. The Title is Where your focus should be. The Headings or Titles Should be Short, Precise and Punchy. Make the reader is curious about what you are going to say in your article. Don't publish your article until you get a catchy Title.

3. Be Honest

Being Honest in writing refers to 2 things.. one is being honest with your true opinions and the other is being honest with the character or person you mentioning in article..

if you feel there are certain things you cannot say to the audience when you are writing about Religion, Race, Nation, Sex or Violence, give some mental space, think how you can express it and how people can react on it.. just decide, then go head and write your opinions honestly.. Avoid Negative Way of Writing here...

If you have a character and you want to write an article about a character.... Have some proper discussion with the character and note the points. In some cases you need to identify psychological problems of that person, so you can take help from professional counseling advisers or experts. it helps u more in your writing and also in resolving personal and emotional problems of that character..

4. Don't Write Contents for the sake of writing content...

One of the worst things on any news feed is an article that says nothing. They’re shockingly common. So often people just write silly stuffs...

There are enough "top five tips", "improve your health" and "life hacks" like Articles all around the world, they are just abstractions, they have nothing of substance to say. They are just made of words, but there’s no point and no meaning. It’s content for the sake of having content.

So don’t write content for the sake of writing content. Write content for the sake of conveying the precise meaning and understanding. Tell your reader something. Imagine they may ask “why?” in response, and then answer that question..

5. Practice makes perfect

The final and the most important rule of good writing is PRACTICE. Practice, practice, practice.

No one is best at the start, everyone makes little mistakes (even me). Practice until you internalize the form and structure of a good article, and before producing them finalize each and every words you used and described in your Article.

Everybody has something to say. You have more to share than you realize. the world is always in need of meaningful, compelling content that conveys knowledge and helps people understand.

So, Go create some!

I wish you happy writing.

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Raveendra. N. 

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