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“A Modest Proposal,” by Andrew Schatkin

I take this title from the broadside of Jonathan Swift who proposed a solution to the overpopulation of the poor in Ireland to boil and roast these young children.

I say here that the Democratic Party’s platform and its positions are not only wrong but cannot be voted for. Let me take a look at the platform…

The Democratic Party proposes open borders and sanctuary cities. What this means is that illegal immigrants will be admitted en masse and not only admitted but actually protected from deportation. The Democratic Party envisions and wishes to build a system and society where lawlessness and legal anarchy govern whether the person here illegally not only gains easy entrance but takes jobs from the struggling black and Hispanic minorities which they so desperately need and may be forced into the army in their quest for employment and may be fated to die in the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Our illegal residents may and will be favored over those who have come here legally and play by the rules by reason of being paid low wages and no benefits. We live in a system of law, not legal anarchy and lawlessness. I note that recently an illegal immigrant who was deported six times has been charged with the murders of 3 homeless men This in fact if the Democratic Party is restored to office and is placed by vote in control of the Senate and House of Representatives is the system envisioned by the Democratic Party.

Just recently the governor of California allowed the issuance of licenses to illegal immigrants, an obvious attempt to permit persons illegally here to vote. Again, this is nothing more than endorsing and promoting illegality and law-breaking. I ask can we as citizens vote for a party that in some sense backs and promotes the violation of law and says it is good and charitable? More to the point, Governor Cuomo of the State of New York gave voting right to 24,000 felons on parole including murderers, rapists and pedophiles. Herman , a killer of 3 police officers in New York, was recently granted this right of reprieve, but four months later he murdered a San Francisco police officer. This was accomplished by executive order where the law was that this voting right could not be permitted until the completion of parole. The Governor bypassed the law in doing this. I would note that parole is a part of a criminal sentence and the felon is still a sentenced felon where he has obtained the right to vote.

The Democrats vehemently opposed the President's travel ban. I have no prejudice or anger of hostility to our Muslim brothers and sisters as a Christian since I know how the eternal God loves and values them. But the fact is that within certain Muslim-majority countries there is a minority that does do harm to others on an alleged religious and cultural basis. It is undeniable that for some time these attacks and murders have occurred in NY, Boston, California, Orlando, and in many European countries, including the UK, France, Germany and Belgium. The President's action in this ban was a pragmatic response to serious acts of criminality. The Democratic Party, if elected, might chose to end this ban and thereby permit these attacks and murders to continue.

I make a final note. The Democratic Party opposes the pro-life position. We Christians take this view not opposing or seeking to persecute women but because we set a value on human from inception to the grave. The value we set is the value that God places on all men and women eternal and undying. The Democratic Party may oppose pro-life yet this party of charity for the illegal well knows that the vast majority of abortions are performed on poor black and Latino children. If the Democratic Party is so concerned with separation of children at the border, where is their concern for these poor minority children whose disposable lives are tossed in a garbage can? I ask you my fellow citizens not to vote for the Democrat, whose policies I have just stated and defined have the potential to destroy the fabric of our society and bring about a system of anarchy, death, and abandon the rule of law.

If you wish to know more about me, please feel free to visit my website SchatkinShow.com, where you will see my books, blogs, and podcasts, and also feel free to join me in this movement to not merely restore our country but to prevent what could well happen to us all. My e mail address is a.schatkin48@gmail.com. I also welcome calls at (718) 229-2761.

Educational and Business Consultant, Writer, Speaker, and Teacher. He is the author of five book chapter in the areas of Evidence, Criminal Law, and Family Law.


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