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It's Pizza Time! The Best Pizza Stops In Canada For Flavour!

Bursting with flavor and topped with nearly anything you can think of, pizza is something that can be fine-tuned to accommodate almost every diet. And, in a country as large and diverse as Canada, you know there's got to be fantastic pizza restaurants out there!


Pizza — it’s on almost everyone’s list of favorite foods.

Bursting with flavor and topped with nearly anything you can think of, pizza is something that can be fine-tuned to accommodate almost every diet.

And, in a country as large and diverse as Canada, you know there’s got to be fantastic pizza restaurants out there!

In an ode to this favorite treat, we’re sharing the best pizza restaurants in Canada.

Want Flavour? Try These Pizza Spots

We searched for the best pizza in the country and found these great restaurants serving everything from authentic Italian recipes to unique twists on pizza cuisine.

Anthony’s (Ottawa, ON)

There’s no better wood-fired pizza in the capital city than Anthony’s.

Anthony’s believes in fine, traditional-style Neapolitan crusts with simple, rustic ingredients like basil, tomatoes, and spicy salami.

Campagnolo Roma (Vancouver, BC)

While this restaurant is not focused on pizza, their pizza selections take center stage with their gourmet quality.

You can build a pile of garlic scapes and smoked jalapeno aioli or opt for a base of fava bean pesto topped with mozzarella and pickled chilies.

Their unique flavors allow you to be as creative — or traditional — as you please.

Christie’s Il Secondo (Saskatoon, SK)

It’s only open until 6 p.m., but Il Secondo is a favorite spot for an early dinner in Saskatoon.

They make a phenomenal wood-fired pizza and can even hook you up with a salad or calzone if your tastes wander.

The Good Son (Toronto, ON)

In this melding of Italian and global flavors, Top Chef alumnus Vittorio Colacitti opened this restaurant to honor his Italian roots.

The Good Son is noted for thin-crust pizza with toppings served with craft cocktails and main dishes inspired by the chef’s travels.


Morris East (Halifax, NS)

Not your typical pizza joint, Morris East can serve up the refined pie you’re dreaming of. In fact, the head chef was a winner at the International Pizza Expo with one of his creative combinations.

If you can’t think of what you’d like, try one of their signature pies like one topped with shallots, blue cheese, prosciutto, and tarragon aioli.

Without Papers (Calgary, AB)

You can watch the chefs preparing your pie or check out one of the movies projected on the wall of the restaurant.

A family-friendly place, Without Papers, offers both classic flavors and ingenious new options like the “Blue Ox,” a scrumptious pie topped with caramelized onion, a strip of juicy beef strip loin, horseradish, and more.

Stobie’s Pizza (London, ON)

Stobie’s Pizza has been family-owned and operated since 1997, and this family is proud of its creations.

Owners Bernie, Carol, and John Stobie source everything in their kitchen fresh every day — and they never reheat any food.

Pizza Pi (Kamloops, BC)

With fresh ingredients, unique toppings that will fire your imagination, and a willingness to suggest options for even the most diet-restricted (they even made a keto pizza for one trip advisor reviewer), Pizza Pi is an excellent addition to our most-loved list.

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