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Tips to Improve Skills As a Web Developer

How often have you applied for a job as a web developer but could not get through? You must be wondering every now and then about updating your resume for work, but eventually, you fail to bag a lucrative deal!

Well, your resume is not the culprit in such situations! Sometimes it’s time for analysis and then, to brush up your skills. In this digital era, it is necessary to stay updated with the latest trends. Before you worry about how to do it, let us give you a few tips to improve your skills.

These tips will also help you find good freelance jobs or secure a full-time position.

You must have a look at them:

• The practice is the only key:

One of the basic things on how to improve your web designing skills is to practice. You must spend hours designing on the web. You may practice on a host of production sites, but you will be confined to a few limitations.

It will be better if you work on localhost instead. One of the advantages of working on localhost is that you will not be bound to limitations. Instead, you will be free to design according to your own will.

• Share your knowledge:

Another important point that will help you grow in your web designing business is sharing knowledge. The more you share and explain people or rather teach them, the more you will grasp things.

Yes, sharing is learning. It is so because teaching puts your skills to test as well. Moreover, you get to know perspective and new points shared by others too.

• Be creative:

Another way to improve your skills is to turn as creative as you can get. For this, you may have to browse through the internet and search through many sites. You can also put your own ideas into the design.

This can help you in getting new freelance jobs as well. Clients prefer adept designers who can create unique designs and can welcome challenging designs with open arms.

• Connect with other web designers:

Be an active social media user. Try and create connections with other web designers on social media. Strong networking is quite helpful in securing freelance projects too.

You may get to know about a new designing tool or an innovative way of designing the same thing that you do daily. Also, you will get to learn so much from them.

• Follow the trend:

It is important to go with the trend. Nothing is constant in the world of web designing similar to the other fields which demand creativity. Every now and then, the trends keep changing.

Technology and tools keep on changing with time. The advancement in technology brings many updates in web designing software. Thus, it is important to keep abreast of the trend in web designing.

• Practice coding:

Coding is intrinsic to web designing. The more you practice, in fact, play with codes, the more knowledge you would gain. Coding will help you go with the flow and make your task easier.

You can also play with images. Note to remember, not all images go with the information. Make sure that the image that you are using fits with the message or information on the site.

These are a few tips that can help you improve your web designing skills. Improving your skills may help you get your hands on a number of good freelance jobs. Remember, web designing is an artistic job. Hence, the more you let your creative side out, the more you will be able to enhance and improve your skills.

So are you ready to adopt a new set of skills?

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Studies say that if you want to engage your viewers while presenting a presentation, you need to do so in 30 seconds! Does that make you scared because it seems impossible? Don't panic because it is a problem that can be worked around. Studies show that the first lapse in our concentration while listening to a presentation occurs halfway into the first minute. This effectively means that if you don't have them hooked within a minute, you have lost your crowd to their phones and laptops. So what do you to make sure you give an engaging presentation? Here are some sure-fire ways to better your engagement while delivering presentations.

Structure Online Presentations

The best way to better your engagement rates for online presentations is to structure them effectively. Make sure your online presentations have a definite beginning, middle, and end. By establishing your presentation as a story with a great beginning, you can engross the audience with ease. If you have a strong opening statement, it will help greatly to draw the listeners in and upload and share PowerPoint presentations of that presentation on various ppt sharing websites. This way you can add information through the narrative using the right amount of drama to keep them riveted.


Deliver Effectively

Your online presence isn't a speech and it can't be a substitute for it. Therefore, you cannot stand in front of a group and read out from a paper or your slides. Hence, to get your point across effectively, you need to deliver your presentation properly. The online presentation works as a tool to better your engagement. Become an effective speaker by making jokes, asking for interactions and quickly switching to stories and personal experiences. Do not use a monotone voice, devoid of any modulation. Instead, try to attenuate and modulate your voice to suit the tone of your online presence.

Guide your Audience

Your audience will at some point lose focus, and that is natural. So, to help them stay on track, use two turning points to guide them through the presentation. Calls to adventure must come in the beginning to help listeners get to the middle. This call introduces a big idea to destabilize the usual status quo. This ensures that your audience stays with you to resolve the gap. Meanwhile, a call to action gets your audience to the end of your presentation. It primarily helps to activate the audience and get to make changes in their life.

Crafting the Right Beginning, Middle and End

To make sure your audience stays interested in what you have to say, beginnings need to be a call for adventure. Set the audience up for a baseline reality to introduce problems faced by people. Beginnings should include facts and opinions that everyone agrees is true.

The middle is usually the longest part of any online presence, and hence, needs to be carefully planned. The middle introduces and explains what the future and present holds. It contrasts elements from the present and future to drive home the points regarding your plan of action. Such contrasting elements help in holding an audience’s attention.

The End must leave the audience wowed and convinced. It must effectively convince the audience they need to transform themselves and work towards your ideas. Also, summarize all the important points you talked about during your online presence to drive your points home effectively.

Mind Your Body Language

Make sure you don't stand still while presenting your case because of the amount of movement you do impacts your engagement. Standing behind the podium for the entire duration makes you look monotonous and boring. Instead, move around a bit, and interact with the audience by walking into the group. However, make sure you don't pace around too much because that tends to be extremely distracting for those trying to pay attention.

Diction and Speech

Another important part of giving online presentations is making sure you are speaking the right way. Ever so often, the message gets lost in translation because the audience cannot keep up with the speaker's language. Understand what level of language a group is comfortable with, and try not to go overboard with difficult words and uncanny phrases. Avoid vague references, idioms, and unnecessary or politically incorrect jokes. Try to speak clearly, slowly and with the right tone so that the audience captures every word you speak.

Connect and Relate

The best way to keep your listeners engaged is to make sure they relate and connect to you. Find some common ground so as to create some empathy. Chances are that if your listeners relate to your story, they will care more and hence, pay more attention to you. Conduct some research before building and sharing your online presentation to analyze and understand your audience. This helps you understand what your audience wants to hear, and what their problems are.

Conclude Well

To make sure you have made an impact, you need to design an effective conclusion and deliver it well. Summarise the main points and arguments and reinforce your ideas in the conclusion. Make sure you know exactly what you want the audience to take away from the presentation and refocus on that point. Create closure by returning to the same central idea you opened with, or maybe re-quote or iterate an anecdote you gave earlier.

Owning a digital marketing agency is easy, but to make it successful requires consistency, ideas, customer satisfaction, and getting results of your strategies.

Now in 2020, the competition has grown so huge that every marketing agency is racing to be the best. But what strategies do we specifically need to follow in 2020 to make our agency successful? Let’s find out!

1. Work for a Particular Market / Specialization

For every business, specialization is important. If you don’t know what’s that one key you need to work on, you’ll have problems scaling your business. And when clients land on your website, they should also know what your core purpose.

You can be a full-service agency or a primarily SEO and content marketing agency, you need to bring your core purpose outside the funnel. Here are the different kind of agencies according to the keywords:

• Inbound Marketing Agency

• Digital Strategists

• Full-Service Digital

• Development + Marketing

You need to pick one and specialized in that one area. Your specialization will give you a boost over your competitors and will leave the impression that you’re a focused agency.

Some successful agencies who’re focused on one agenda.

• Shoestring - Video Marketing

• SingleGrain - Startup Growth

2. Create a Lead Magnet

In between the availability of thousands of social media marketing agency, why should a client choose you?

You must have that one lead magnet that will give the client the reasons to follow you. For example, eBooks, CheatSheet, Templates, Case Studies, Handout or any tool to attract visitors.

Pick any valuable lead magnet and use it to market your agency through email, landing pages and social media forums. Most of the agencies use eBooks as their lead magnet to attract potential buyers.

3. Create Case Studies of Successful Clients

Your successful clients is the goldmine to open more opportunities for your business. So, when you’re done with handing over the project to them, always ask for a review. Their reviews will boosts your website credibility.

Now, you should also create case studies to show the comprehensive details of the project. According to a study, 62% of marketers say that case studies are powerful in generating leads for your business.

Having case studies will also be great for your landing pages and to attract new clients for your business.

4. Test your Strategies First on Yourself

When you develop any new content marketing strategy to boost your business, treat yourself the first customer. Meaning if you would be the customer, would you find the strategy compelling?

This is important because if you don’t like your strategies being a customer, how can you expect your customers to show their engagement in it?

On the contrary, if you’re impressed by your strategies and it seems well on you, then you can do the promotion well and be confident about it.

5. Collaborate with the Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the great sales techniques to grow your digital marketing agency. You should think of collaborating with marketing agencies and social media influencers.

To grow your business reach, you need to find the relevant Instagram influencers and ask them to cover a short story of your business. They might ask you for a little payment but that little cost will be worth your investment.

You should also contribute to websites with high domain authority with a guest post. Guest posting is great to build natural traffic for your social media agency.

6. Make it Easy for People to Reach You

When clients want to reach your agency, the process should be simple. For example, a short form, email or contact call.

If the process to reach you is daunting, clients might not take the lead to contact you. Clients already have a lot of things on their way and if you involve them in a long contact process, they might end up considering your competitors.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 6 effective techniques to grow your social media agency and make it successful. One thing more, always stay updated to the latest trends because clients can come asking you about it.

Any more tips you’d like to add in the suggestions to make it more meaningful? 

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