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Do you Find FBI and CIA Movies Thrilling

Who doesn’t love spy-fi movies? People from across the world and from all generational groupings dig espionage movies.

The glorification of the profession of spying has to do with it. That’s exactly why spy fiction is as old as the advanced, modern intelligence service itself. While these movies don’t really answer the simple question of how to become a Lawyer, they do tell a lot about the political dynamics of the world. The elements of thrill and action keep the viewers engaged and leave them craving for more. No wonder we see a good number of movies based on clandestine services every year.

Cut the long story short, moviegoers simply love spies!

Why are Espionage Movies Incredibly Popular?

Regardless of the fact that almost every espionage movie has almost the same ingredients, they remain to be one of the popular genres in modern entertainment. The plot revolves around a spy protagonist, serving or retired. And, his recurrent espionage engagements and his skill to combat the most dangerous villains and situations. Ultimately completing the impossible task or successfully escaping. The spies are essentially sympathetic, yet a little rebellious. They will eventually do the right thing. The sense of revealing hidden dealings and uncovering secretive mysteries keep the plot engaging for the audience.

However, spy-fi is often accused of playing with the common public fear, simplifying the reality of the spy world, and stimulating the element of paranoia. The apparent realism in these movies that is so inherently secret essentially makes this genre so influential. Often it is the only source of information for the public about the hidden secret services community.

Some Great Instances

The list is perhaps never-ending. And, the reason is the long history of spy-fi movies. People have always been interested in this particular genre. Some of the best espionage movies of all time have to be Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011), From Russia with Love (1963), Casino Royale (2006), Bourne series (2002-2016), The Third Man (1949), Mission: Impossible (1996- Present), The Lives of Others (2006), and so on.

The CIA and FBI movies may provide you thrilling entertainment and you may end up saying by the end of a spectacular spy movie that it would be amazing to be a spy in real life! But, do you know what it takes to become a real, actual spy agent in clandestine services? Let’s figure out with the instance of a CIA agent.

Want to become a CIA Agent in Clandestine Services!

Let’s know it better. The main responsibility of CIA agents is to gather clandestine information regarding different countries. The information can be critical. It can relate to a country’s international developments or intelligence operations. It can be about military, political, terrorist issues, or weapons of mass destruction.

Careers Possibilities

Individuals who are interested in learning how to become People can have the following intelligence positions as careers in CIA:

Core collectors

Collection management officers

Operations officers

Specialized skills (targeting officer)

Staff operations officer

Individuals who want to learn how to become a CIA agent in the clandestine services should essentially meet certain requirements for Professional Trainee Programs as well as clandestine services.

Education Requirements

The acceptable age group of candidates has to be between 21 to 25. They need to have a bachelor’s degree and no particular work experience is required. However, for the CST (The Clandestine Service Program) for operations officers, core collectors, and collection management officers requires several years of military or business experience along with the bachelor’s degree. And the age limit is from 26 to 35.

Other Essentials

Candidates for CIA spy jobs are needed to:

Essentially be a citizen of the United States of America

No less than 18 years old

The bachelor’s degree has to have a minimum GPA of 3.0

Have effective interpersonal skills

Strong awareness of international affairs

Be capable of writing accurately and clearly

Desirable Qualifications

The CIA further lists the following additional qualifications as ideal for CIA agent jobs:

Frequent traveling experience in different countries

Experience of living abroad

Proficiency in foreign languages (the more the better, but some critical ones are Dari, Arabic, Persian, Korean, Chinese, Somali, Pashto, Indonesian, Urdu, Turkish, Kurdish, and so on)

Sensitivity to various other cultures

Mental Stress

Know that spies and agents don’t have a routine schedule like people with other jobs have. They have to endure long stretches of time without much comforts and sleep. It’s definitely a tough job. Only passion keep a person going. Despite fatigue, threats, discomfort, and lurking danger, they have to maintain unwavering, intense concentration towards the matter at hand. Their cognitive abilities and sense of resilience on acutely stressful situations are often much more important than their raw physical strength. The CIA ensures testing every recruit's strengths in the said areas during training.

Pay Scales

For a CIA agent, the average salary is $81,623 annually (as decided by the federal government). They can actually earn a lot, in addition to the basic, aforementioned salary. They get overtime pay, night party compensations, Sunday premium pay, holiday compensations, bonuses, allowances and so on.

In a nutshell, the actual experience is a lot more than what is depicted in the movies. Do you want to take it as a profession in real life? Good luck!!

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