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New Cafe Design Trends You Need to Know for 2018-19



The café nowadays has set up a new trend that they all are designed on a concept. They are using various concepts like Vintage, Chinese, Roman, Minimalistic, Contemporary, Traditional, Rustic etc. In Vintage concept old royal artifacts can be used to decorate any interior. It creates a mood of 1940s era. Wood, stone and natural fabrics can be used. The designs are elegant and antique.

 Minimalistic concept is one in which the room is well organized and the ambience is very simple with white color on walls. More colors like beige, grey and light green color can be used. Clean, Sleek and linear furniture are used in Contemporary concept. There are no boundaries between areas so the space looks more large.

 In traditional concept of design heavy carvings, dark and poppy colors are used in interiors. The detailing are very large. We can use Bronze and silver in frames, mirrors and in side tables also. Gothic architecture gives a look of Cathedral churches and depicts the story of Jesus and Mother Marry. Structures are built in shapes of arches with wood and colorful glasses. In Rustic concept everything is raw and exposed. There should be perfect balance between rough and comforting.

 There are no straight lines. We can also make fusion of concepts according to the ambience which a client requires. Then flooring and false ceiling are also designed according to the concept. Gone are the days when the cafes were only limited to cuisines, now they are also concern about interiors. And now it has become essential to design your café with a good concept so that you can attract more consumers. The café should provide a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. 

Lighting plays a very important role in any interior. Like in bars and pubs there must be a dim lighting but in a fine dine the lighting must be good so that family can enjoy their food. And the areas are divided in bars, pubs, hookah lounge, disco, party halls, open area and many more. Many cafes are using raw things and expose materials. 

They are using creative ways to serve their dishes. People also look forward to see the interiors whenever a new café is open in the city as they are paying more attention to conceptualization and themes of cafes. Meals are prepared in live kitchens. The journey of the concept starts from the name of the café to the paint on the wall, every bit of detailing contributes to the overall view of the place.  

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