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Popular places for a Road Trip in Uttarakhand

For a long weekend or the leftover Casual Leaves, there are a lot of options around Delhi to explore. In fact, a road trip is the best idea which can be easily done with family or friends. However, when traveling with a group, the main thing to keep in mind is the easy availability of amenities, viz. food, clean toilets, chemists, etc. Before planning a road trip, one must check out if the road you're traveling on has everything you might need. You can land in Dehradun through plain and can book a taxi online from Jolly Grant Airport.

Here, choosing the 'road less travelled' will be a mistake. Some routes that have all amenities available and are safe to travel on are listed below:

1. Haridwar: Being the religious capital of India, Haridwar receives high number of travellers throughout the year. The road to Haridwar is a well mettled and smooth highway with hospitals, restaurants, petrol pumps dotted around. Haridwar has a range of high-end hotels and also offers free lodging in Dharamshalas, though you might need to inform the administration of the dharamshala before arrival. There are a lot of temples at Haridwar, the evening aarti at Harki-Pauri is a sight to behold, and you can also shop for souvenirs from the market around the banks. The eateries serve delicious food at cheap prices. You can also enjoy yoga retreat in Rishikesh.

2. Rishikesh: Just a few kilometres away from Haridwar, Rishikesh has developed its own vibe in the past few years. It is flocked by foreigners and has a hill-station feel to it. Rishikesh has eclectic cafes around the river that serve different cuisines, try Italian, Israeli, or French food. Also, Rishikesh offers the opportunity for rafting and para-gliding. There are a lot of places to rent bikes which can be used to explore the nearby areas. Rishikesh, like Haridwar, has all modern amenities available.

3. Dehradun: Being the state capital, Dehradun is well connected and can be reached via rail, road or air. The airport is a little removed from the city and you'll require a taxi service to reach the city. Dehradun has a lot of places to visit, along with the famous NDA and the FRI. Doon has bakeries that serve excellent cakes and pastries for your sweet tooth. It has a lot of hotels suiting all budgets and can be booked easily online.

4. Mussoorie: Just seven hours away from Delhi, Mussoorie is a great getaway destination for a refreshing holiday. Though the town is full during the summers, the rest of the year it is calm and beautiful. It offers a good chance to trek, bicycle, or just observe the nature. Mussoorie has beautiful churched dating back to the British Era, tiny markets, waterfall, and gardens for you to relax. It has a variety of hotels and is comfortably equipped with all amenities.

5. Nainital: A little farther away from Delhi, Nainital is another frequently visited hill-station. It has beautiful scenic drive with little eateries providing clean food and restrooms. The town has a huge lake which has been kept clean and offers a boat or a yatch ride. You can walk around the lake for an enjoyable time. Nainital has natural flavoured honey and designer candles that can be bought as souvenirs. There are a few tourist attractions around the town that keeps you engaged. Being a popular holiday destination, it provides all facilities.

So, these places should definitely be on your list. How many have you covered?

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