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The benefits of RWD responsive website design for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is "search engine optimization". In the vernacular, it is to let Google, Bing and other search engines give you a good evaluation of your website, and thus improve your website's ranking in the search engine.

 The ranking will be based on:

1. Traffic: The number of visitors to this URL

2. Content relevance: Whether the content of the website matches the keyword searched by the user

3. Stay time: The netizen not only finds your website, but also stays on your website. The longer the website represents yours, the more relevant it is to this keyword.

4. Update frequency: If the website is updated frequently, the search engine will give a higher score.

5. External links: Your website has a lot of external links, that is, there are many bloggers with shared articles or websites with heavy weights that can be linked to your website will also make the rankings better.

6. Mobile device optimization: This is also the most important point in recent years. It shows that in recent years, as mobile phones and tablet users have increased, various search engines have begun to pay attention to the search rights of mobile phone users.

The website needs to be easy to read on mobile phones. Google even announced the modification of the search engine algorithm on April 21, 2015. The search results will be sorted according to the "friendliness" of mobile devices, tablet computers and other mobile devices, and a mobile phone is made. The Compatibility Testing website ( ) allows owners to test whether the design of their own web pages is suitable for browsing through mobile devices.

It wasn't long before Bing (also known as Yahoo!'s search engine technology) also announced the follow-up of Google's approach, so "matching the search engine's policy for mobile device browsing" is the biggest benefit of the RWD website for SEO .

In general, the search engine is based on whether your website can meet the user's usage habits and is used as a scoring standard for website quality scores.

Combining the various experiences, we will organize the RWD responsive website to better the benefits of SEO as follows:

1. Reduce duplicate web content

If you are not using the RWD responsive website, in addition to the computer version of the web page, you must design the mobile version of the web page with the same or similar graphic content in order to pass the mobile phone compatibility test. You can see that the link between the PC version and the mobile version of the web page is different. In the case of Google’s rules, if the URL is different and the content is duplicated, it will not list your website as a malicious link. Will still affect the evaluation (Page Ranking).

2. Reduce the page skip rate (Bounce Rate)

We as a SEO Consultant in Rawalpindi if the mobile user searches for your website and finds that you can't use your mobile phone to browse smoothly and immediately return to the search page, that is, the stay time is too low, it is easy for Google to think that your website is not the best search result, ranking for you. It will also decline. Is the impact so big? Google has suggested that 61% of mobile users encounter webpages that cannot be viewed smoothly with their mobile phones, and they choose to jump out immediately. The higher the click-through rate, the higher the jump rate, and the advertising marketing cost of betting is like throwing into the water.

3. Avoid users hitting the wall to improve the usability of the page (Usability)

If the computer version and the mobile version are different websites, many users may not find the original search. For example, if you find a shared webpage in front of your computer, you will be forced to jump to the mobile version after connecting to the webpage with your mobile phone, but you will never find the original content.

RWD responsive websites do not need to choose the computer version or mobile version. Users can browse the webpage smoothly and conveniently using various devices.

4. The same URL applies to computers, mobile phones and tablets, maintaining a single link (Single Link)

Another benefit of the RWD responsive website is that there is no need to link between the computer and mobile versions. The same URL applies to both computers, tablets and mobile phones, so the number of visitors will accumulate on the same website. When sharing a web page with a friend, you can ensure that both parties can see the same content. When the rate of dropout, the increase in usability, and the increase in the number of shares, the increase in traffic and stay time will naturally increase the search ranking.

Another advantage of using RWD to maintain a single link is that the website marketing budget does not need to be split into two computers and mobile phones. If you do a mobile website, you will have to worry about the search ranking of the mobile website.

5. Improve local search ranking (Higher Local Ranking)

More and more people use mobile phones and tablets to search for daily services, entertainment, travel and other life information. In order to facilitate mobile Internet users, Google's search results of mobile devices will give priority to stores that are closer to users. For example, if a mobile search for “SEO Specialist in Rawalpindi” or "restaurants" is located in Islamabad Pakistan, Google's search results will give priority to restaurant-related websites near Islamabad. This original intention is good, can increase the exposure of local businesses, but if this website cannot be browsed smoothly on the mobile phone, the high exposure rate will bring high jump rate, that is, the more people click on your website, the more People jump off, which in turn affects the search ranking. Therefore, if you are providing a local service store, such as restaurants, KTV, motels, etc., the RWD responsive website will greatly increase your action search ranking.

Google likes RWD responsive websites (responsive web design)

If Google just likes this one, then there is nothing to say, and the RWD responsive website is right. The following is the official google file

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