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Important Things You Should Know on ‘Visa on Arrival’

If you have a wanderlust soul and is having the motto ‘the world is your oyster, go explore’, you are living the life of a fairy dream. Explore the world, until your passport runs out of pages. There’s no feel is better than satiating a sailing soul, by quenching the thirst of exploring new places. But due to various socio-political-economical issues, we have to halt while applying for a visa. It’s a long tedious process, which often leads to a rejection.

Looking at the increasing popularity of tourism sector, each and every nation is coming forward to make the visa application process smooth and hassle free. Few countries have even provided free visa entry or visa on arrival to the citizens of particular nations. Now the question arises, what is the difference between ‘visa on arrival’ and ‘visa-free entry’.

The difference is very clear. In ‘visa on arrival’, you need a visa to enter the premises of a country, but you can avail it from the airport you have arrived. In ‘visa-free entry’, you don’t require a visa to enter into another country.

Though visa on arrival seems an easy task, since you get in the port only after your arrival, but it has certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. Otherwise, you will be deported back to your homeland.

Port of entry

Before selecting an airport to land, it is better to find out whether the port provides immigration facility or not. Only particular ports provide immigration facility.

Carry your documents

You have to bring all the necessary documents with you, so that you can provide with all the necessary documents whenever required during the process of visa application on arrival. Visa on arrival doesn’t give you the liability to get the visa without proffering any documents. The documents must include:

• Current passport

• Passport photograph

• Flight tickets

• Proof of your identity and citizenship

• Bank statement, which must have sufficient balance to fund your trip

• Hotel bookings

Rules and regulations

Rules are not meant to be broken and so it is mandatory to abide by the rules and regulations. It is better to know the process of visa on arrival before, as it makes you sure that you are eligible to enter inside the country.

How much time does it take to get visa on arrival

It takes hardly 30 minutes to 4 hours, if you presented proper documents. So it is better to keep a gap between your arrival and next journey.

Cost-effective? Not always!

You can not avail a visa for free. You have to pay a minimum amount to obtain it. At times, it is more expensive than e-visa or stamped visa from your home country. So if you are already having a tight budget, better not to go for visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival though seems easy as it takes less time, but it is profitable for you in many cases if you consult with a visa consultant in Delhi.

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