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A Delineation on XML/API Integration

Travel portal solution provides XML API integration to travel companies. This way the customer can be benefitted from the largest inventory by having a quick and easy XML API integration. With this, you can provide your clients a wide range of choices from booking flight, bus, hotel etc. It increases revenue and cross-selling features, mark-ups, product packaging, agency defines air fare promotions, optimizing or increasing visibility in search engines. Thetravel portal development company merges the return data from the aforementioned XML integrations with an XML feed. It helps in getting vivid sorting options of flights and hotels from all over the globe.

The ultra-modern business market demands for a platform which is build up of high technology solution. It helps to beat the race and keep the existence of the industry alive. To survive in the market, travel agencies are developing their own online travel portal. But it is not sufficient to only build a website and leave it. To meet the market demand, time to time, these websites need to be upgraded by integrating various features.

At present, multilingual flight booking engine or hotel booking engine is a widely recommended choice by the travel agencies. The integrated web applications come up in three modules- B2B module, B2C module and Admin module.

B2B Module: B2B or Business to Business module enables the clients to check multifarious bookings. Here, your agents can upload loge, change user name and password. As per terms and conditions, users can pay the amount in an online payment gateway, which makes it easier for both the parties to have a transparent relationship. It beholds a credit limit reminder, so that the user knows the range of their deposited amount. With it, customers can easily book, modify or cancel their reservations. User-friendly features of B2B Module of XML integration makes the business run smoothly even by the non-experts.

B2C Module: B2C or Business to Customer module in XML integration allows the user to book instantly using debit/credit card as a mode of payment. Users can also view or track their status online.

Admin Module: The best feature of Admin module is managing currency exchange rate. Profile management in admin module stores data related to staff and travel agents. It provides transparent information to both parties related to payment mode and also provide invoice currency and section.

One of the significant features of Admin Module is, Agent control master. It enables the user to deposit accounts, activate or deactivate agents as per the input of the user. It also renovates the commissions and incentives of the agents. By using agent control master, users can easily track the number of agents logged in at the moment and check the bookings done by each agent on daily basis. Here you can also view the standard reports in multi currencies.

Serving the travel industry with sheer professionalism and providing high quality services to its clients for a decade now. Travel portal solution is well experienced in XML API integration like, GTA, Kuoni, Hotel Beds, Travaco, HotelsPro, Path Finder, Travel Boutique and many more.

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