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Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: Non-profit partner; CRM to go

In this article you will learn about the Microsoft Dynamics partner news roundup around the world

This week’s Microsoft Dynamics partner news roundup around the world:

  • m-hance selected as first UK-based Global Microsoft Dynamics 365 non-profit partner
  • MarginPoint launches mobile inventory app on AppSource and Azure Marketplace
  • Tech Data is forming a partnership with Axon to deliver Dynamics Go CRM ‘in a box’

m-hance selected as first UK-based Global Microsoft Dynamics 365 non-profit partner
m-hance, a provider of software solutions, has been selected by Microsoft as its first UK-based Dynamics 365 non-profit partner.

This announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of its new Dynamics 365 non-profit strategy, which incorporates elements such as its Dynamics 365 Non-profit Accelerator suite, as well as selected Dynamics 365 non-profit partners, according to company officials.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Non-profit Accelerator suite of solutions is aimed at helping non-profits better connect their impacts to their fundraising strategies by creating opportunities for interoperability and data transparency across platforms, officials stated. It will make the entire process much easy for them.

“We are delighted to be selected as Microsoft’s first UK-based Dynamics 365 non-profit partner,” said Alan Moody, CEO at m-hance, in a statement.

“It underpins our devotion to the sector where we are already a respected provider of Dynamics 365 Development having supported leading charities with our tailored NFP 365 products.”

MarginPoint launches mobile inventory app on AppSource and Azure Marketplace

MarginPoint, a provider of cloud-based mobile supply chain optimization solutions for commercial and residential service contractors, has launched its mobile inventory management solution on Microsoft AppSource and the Azure Marketplace.

MarginPoint is providing a platform for material management that lets customer integrate their business processes to make their work process smooth and easy to handle, according to company officials.

“These offers will benefit the customers who are already using Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, as well as Microsoft Office 365,” said Allan Lee, MarginPoint’s director of strategic partnerships and channel, in a statement.

“Our product is focused at customers who are looking for leading industry solutions that will help them improve their inventory control and supply chain management processes.”

Tech Data forming the partnership with Axon to deliver Dynamics Go CRM ‘in a box’

Tech Data is forming a team up with Microsoft cloud solutions provider Axon IT to make it easier for resellers to take advantage of the growing opportunities to provide Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to their customers.

Under the agreement, Tech Data reseller partners have access to Axon’s Dynamics Go “CRM in a box” offering that provides a pre-defined framework for selling and setting up Dynamics 365, backed by consultants and support, according to officials of the two companies.

Dynamics Go is intended to make it easier for resellers to offer the CRM solution without having to first develop their own capabilities in the solution.

This will make it is for the people to provide reseller accounts to newbies who want to give a try to the CRM solutions.

“Almost all Microsoft partners offering Office 365 and Azure-based solutions will also uncover potential for Dynamics 365 CRM, but don’t have the skills and confidence to follow them through,” said Tim Mears, managing director of Axon, in a statement.

“Our ‘in a box’ offers to make it completely straight. It is cheap, quick to deploy and will give the reseller’s sales team the tools and the confidence they need to seize the day and take those opportunities.”

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