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Normally, our body excretes toxins via our metabolic organs unaided. If too much of it is applied, a body detox can be very helpful.

Purification CureA detoxification treatment can help to revive our metabolic organs.

All deposits of various pollutants such as exhaust fumes, particulate matter, pesticides on fruits and vegetables or artificial colors and preservatives are deposited in our bodies. Normally, our body excretes toxins via our metabolic organs unaided. If too much of it is applied, a body detox can be very helpful.


In the


important nutrients are absorbed but also dismantled and rebuilt and prepared for excretion. The


are the "purification" of our body and filter toxins from our blood. In addition, they clarify and regulate our urea. For this our kidney needs daily fluid, at least 2 liters a day. The


is divided into small intestine, large intestine and rectum. From the food important substances are absorbed, converted and excreted. Our


is our respiratory organ, it breathes in fresh oxygen and at the same time pollutants are exhaled. The skin consists of epidermis, dermis and subcutis. The dermis is responsible for the immune defense and secretes pollutants through sweat and sebaceous glands. By too little exercise, little liquid, too much fat, sweet or alcohol, the body is overwhelmed with his work, he must take too many toxins at once, the pollutants accumulate. 

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The body now needs help, which is ensured by a detoxification treatment. Extremely profitable is the fasting. Excess pollutants are excreted from the connective tissue. Additional measures are water treatments according to Kneipp. Her doctor gives tips on fasting, he is familiar with whether they are physically fit.

Spring cleaning in the organism


A lukewarm breath is in the air. The birds chirp in the treetops and soothing sunbeams fall through the windows. Now is the perfect time to fight the sluggishness, winter bacon and fatigue that inevitably set in after a long winter. In the GesundLand volcanic Eifel there are numerous opportunities to prevent the spring fatigue.

Spring cleaning in the organism

Healthy nutrition and exercise can be combined in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

Fasting diet and healthy diet

Almost everyone knows that: During the Christmas season, the food was so good and rich and long after that the cookies were still tempting. And besides, you could not leave her forever. But now the pants pinch and a general malaise has set.

By contrast, it helps to pay close attention to the diet. If you want to go one step further, you can try detox treatments such as fasting or detox cures such as base fasting. With fasting fasting you do without solid food for several days. Instead, there are water or, for other types of fasting, juices, vegetable broth and herbal teas from the menu.

The volcanic Eifel

Being active in beautiful nature - a run around the Maare is doing well.

Active relaxation and, at the same time, enjoying nature in the therapeutic landscape of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

Forest bathing in spring invigorates body and mind

Healthy nutrition and exercise can be combined in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

Soak up the sun and listen to the smells of untouched nature in the volcanic Eifel

Water is a life and health provider - numerous springs are bubbling in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

Forget about time while hiking - exercise and deceleration in the fresh air

Active relaxation and, at the same time, enjoying nature in the therapeutic landscape of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

Experience nature actively in the community means having fun and feeling good

Healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables is a way to get the organism going

Being active in beautiful nature - a run around the Maare is doing well.

Active relaxation and, at the same time, enjoying nature in the therapeutic landscape of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

Basen fasting is based on the assumption that acids and bases in the body are in an imbalance and must now be brought back into a balanced balance. Therefore, only certain foods are consumed over a period of one to two weeks. These include fruits, vegetables, seedlings and fresh herbs. These foods are considered to be base-forming, unlike meat or sugar. During the treatment you should drink two to three liters of water or diluted herbal teas a day.

Everyone has to decide for themselves which cure suits him best. However, all fasting cures have in common that they are not regarded as a permanent practice, but ideally as an introduction to a wholesome, healthy diet.

The offerings of some hotels in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel, which specialize in, for example, basefeeding according to the Wacker-Methode® or Detoxing, also help to promote a healthier diet. Here you come to rest in a natural environment to consciously adapt to the new diet and perhaps give your life a whole new direction.

Sunlight and fresh air

But fasting does not help if you do not combine it with enough exercise - preferably in the fresh air. Sunlight not only enhances our overall well-being and brightens our mood, but also initiates processes in the body. Only with UV light can our body produce vitamin D. It strengthens the bones and affects our muscle power, supports the cardiovascular system and can reduce the risk of diabetes and even cancer. In addition, you get in good weather by itself the desire to be active outdoors and to move.

Movement is an elementary part of the philosophy of pastor Kneipp. Opportunities for a walk, a hike or a round of Nordic Walking can be found in many places in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. How about a walk on the beautifully enclosed paths in the landscape therapy park in Bad Bertrich? Or a hike on the Maare-und-Thermen-Pfad, which starts at the Jungferweiher in Ulmen and ends in the middle of the spa town of Bad Bertrich?

Also a bike ride - packaged warm of course - in the Trail Park Vulkaneifel or on one of the well-developed bike paths in the Volcanic Eifel can now be back on the program in the sunshine.

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Because positive thinking is not difficult, if you know how to do it. But attention: misused, positive thinking can be really dangerous. That's why I'll show you how to do it right and what mistakes you should avoid.

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4 exercises to immediately stop negative thoughts and feelings that you can do anytime, anywhere. Click here and get the free guide now! (This is how you lay the foundation for permanently ridding yourself of negativity in no time)

Every form of negativity (fear, worry, doubt, hate, etc.) has one and the same origin: Negative thoughts.

Positive thinking frees you in the blink of an eye from all this negativity.

Whether it is a stroke of fate, illness, the end of a relationship, financial worries, a low self-confidence, etc. - with positive thinking you can master all situations of this kind. Even if you may not believe it yet.

What most people do wrong is that they are eternally following their negative thoughts instead of consciously changing them. How exactly is that, I'll show you in this article ...

Everyone can learn positive thinking

In the following article, I'll tell you the 3 biggest mistakes that most people make when thinking positively, where negative thoughts actually come from, and how you get rid of them today.

If you want to jump straight to the tutorial, where I'll show you how to get rid of negative thoughts once and for all, click here.

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However, I recommend that you read the full article if you want to get the fastest and best results.

Think positive: With these 12 exercises and tips you will learn optimism

How happy you are depends less on external circumstances, more important is your thinking. With our 12 tips and exercises, you can learn to think more positively and become more satisfied.

Learn positive thinking with free guidebook

For a more positive thinking, it is a good idea to be inspired by successful people and their attitudes. Das Fachbuch The day everything changed by top author Thomas Klußmann offers a wide range of tips and assistance on 236 pages - from the importance of your environment for your personal success to more efficient time management and prioritization.

For a short time, "The day everything changed" completely free to refer, interested people save a whopping 30 euros. Only a small shipping fee is due. For a small additional charge, there is also a professionally recorded audiobook of the guide.

What positive thinking is and what it brings you

Positive thinking means seeing the famous "half-full glass" in a situation, that is, perceiving its positive aspects rather than its negatives. It also means trusting oneself, believing in achievements and opportunities, and tackling things that others find impossible. Almost all great achievements in history have to do with positive thinking: Someone believed in an almost incredible possibility and put it into practice. 

Positive thinking has many benefits for your life:

Focusing on the good things makes you happy.

Whoever sees the bad things, the dangers and failures, soon becomes paralyzed. Positive thinking keeps you able to act and ensures that you can always get up and continue.


Positive Thinking Makes Healthier: Those who believe in their healing have far greater chances of defeating even the worst diseases.

Optimism is an important prerequisite for professional and personal success.

As you learn positive thinking, you will learn another important lesson: you are the Lord or Mistress of your thoughts, you can decide yourself to a certain extent what you think. This opens up completely new possibilities.

A positive view of yourself and your achievements strengthens self-esteem and self-esteem.

Positive thinking makes you open to new things and helps you broaden your horizons.

It has been found that the sensory organs of positive people work better. So negative thinking does not just seem to lead, in a figurative sense, to "closing our eyes".

What positive thinking is NOT

Many people roll their eyes at the topic of "positive thinking". The reason is a misconception of what it means. Positive thinking does not mean simply fading everything negative. And it certainly does not mean that you can only prance through the world as some might imagine. Optimism is just as realistic as pessimism: after all, there is virtually nothing that is only positive or only negative. Which aspects we focus on, we decide.

12 tips and exercises for positive thinking

1. Remove your attention from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can have a tremendous power. They destroy our mood, our courage and our joy. But you do not have to give them that power. You can simply withdraw your attention from negative thoughts. Of course that does not mean that they are not there anymore. But they do not have that much influence on you anymore. 

And this is how it works: When you find yourself dealing with worries, fears, self-reproaches, or other negative thoughts, you draw an energetic line in your mind and turn to other things. Distinguish yourself from the negative thoughts, they do not help you anyway.

2. Smile

Positive thinking: Smiling is actually healthy

There are people who always go grouchily through life and others who always have a smile on their faces. The smiling ones are almost always the happier people. The reason is also in the smile itself: Researchers have found that by a positive facial expression almost immediately happiness hormones are released. The brain also seems to pick up the information about how you feel from the facial muscles. Smile makes you more relaxed and happy, and that helps you not see the things around you that black.

3. Always look for the good in a situation

There is almost always something good in a situation, and if it is just something you can learn from it. You can also interpret obstacles as challenges, mistakes as learning fields. If you have not found a parking space near your apartment, you can either get upset or enjoy the small evening walk. If the food you need for your prescription is sold out, this is a chance to experiment with something new. 

Admittedly, it is often very difficult to find something positive in the big, existential topics. "It's going to be good for you" is a little helpful advice for someone who is mourning a bad loss right now. But on a small scale, there are countless opportunities to take a closer look and find out the positives. And finally, this will succeed even with larger topics.

4. Keep a thankful journal

Even if sometimes everything looks bad, there are certainly many things in your life that you can be grateful for. By keeping a thankful journal, you focus on these things instead of the perceived lack. Just write down three things every morning or evening that you're grateful for. It does not matter if they are the same again and again. The main thing is, you notice that they are there. And over time you will notice more and more positive things in your life.

5. Dose the messages

Catastrophes on TV, on the radio, in social networks and other channels can quickly give us the impression that there is only something bad in the world. Of course that is not the case. In addition to the great catastrophes and violence, there are millions of positive things every day. But these are not the messages that run in the news in the first place. To lessen the negative impression, it can help to dose the news. Just do not watch any news for a while or at least get rid of the constantly popping up messages in the social networks. Do not let yourself be bombarded with negative stuff all the time.

6. Remove yourself from Perverts

Beware of negative thinkers

Whether we are positive or negative depends on the people around us. If you are constantly dealing with people who complain and moan, then this negative attitude will also affect you. Conversely, happy, funny people can also make us happier. Do the squirrels or the sun children outweigh your surroundings?

7. Say goodbye to your victim role

Thinking positively also means assuming full responsibility for one's own life. Say goodbye to the thought that you are the victim to whom bad things happen again and again. You have many more aspects of your life in your hands than you think! Once you understand that in all its consequence, it will be much easier for you to realize the possibilities in a situation.

8. Avoid comparisons

The neighbors have such a nice flat and a big car, the colleague is slimmer and prettier and the cousin is much more successful in his job ... Such comparisons make us unhappy and they are an expression of negative thinking. Just as well we could compare ourselves with the many people who are worse off than us. But we rarely do that. We tend to compare ourselves in each area with someone who is supposed to be better off. If you manage to avoid these comparisons, your basic attitude changes almost automatically to the positives.

9. Make your achievements clear with positive thinking

Even if it sometimes does not feel like that: You have already achieved a lot in your life. Make a list of all the achievements that you can think of: your graduation certificates, the driver's license, difficult situations you have mastered, the children you have raised fairly decently, the move to a nicer apartment, completed projects, ... 

If you think, a lot will come together. Add to this list again and again with the little things that you encounter every day. You finally made an overdue doctor's appointment or repaired the dripping faucet? Great. A daily "I've made it" list motivates much more than a to-do list.

10. Pay attention to your limits and needs

It's very hard to stay positive when your limits are constantly being trampled on. Being aware of your needs and limitations is therefore an important step on the path to positive thinking. Take care of yourself.

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