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How to Apply Driving License in 2019 ? : Full Guide

A great comprehensive guide

What is Parivahan ?

Parivahan is also known as transport or transport, which means that something is moved from one location to another. It can be divided into many categories, such as vehicles, infrastructure and operations, but here we are talking about vehicles such as 2 wheeler Scootty, 4 wheeler vehicles, trucks, bus and so on.

What is Parivahan Sewa ?

The question is, what is parivahan sewa?

It’s a type of registration certificate and driving license is issued by RTOs that are valid throughout India.

Some standards of these documents had to be defined at pan- India level to ensure the difference, reality, information and availability at the time. This service has some advantages, such as :

1. Provides good services in transport and to citizens.

2. It helps in implementations of all govt services spontaneously.

3. Parivahan Sewa improves the image of the Govt and Transportion Department of our India.

Main Online Services of Perivahan Sewa :

There are various types of services provided by it in our India. So, let’s take a quick look here.

1. Services related to vehicles

2. Services related to driving license(DL)

3. Check post-tax service for many states

4. Fancy number booking online service

5. Know your license online service

6. Know your vehicle details online service

7. e-authorization card online service

So, you knew the main online services of Parivahan Sewa. But here we will discuss about its Driving License Services . If you want to know all services of Parivahan Sewa, then read here : [video] Parivahan Sewa Sarathi| Apply DL:  Step by Step Guide (2019).k

Any way , let’s move ahead.

Services Related to Driving License :

There are many online driving license related services provided by parivahan sewa.

1. Apply online

2. Upload documents

3. Book an appointment

4. Fee or payments

5. Modify your application

First of all, under Apply Online services, there are also various types of services available. Check here those .

• New learners license

• New driving license

• The issue of learners license for the expired class of vehicles.

• Services of learners license.

• Services on the driving license(renewal, duplicate, others).

• New conductor license

• Services on conductor license

Temporary conductor license

• Regularize provisional conductor license

Check application status

• Related applications.

• Find application number.

Cancel application.

Camp registration.

Just look at the 2nd services, i.e, New Driving License ! Today, here we are discussing about this service.

New Driving License :

Most of the Indians still don’t know about how they can apply their DL(Driving License) yourself. So, here are some of the basic and helpful tips that you should follow when you are filling/applying DL online.

1. Open the official Website of Parivahan Sewa ( Copy/paste this link : )

2. Or, you may direct copy/paste this link : to your browser. It will take you to the online form. You just have to fill that .

3. Enter your all personal details like, Name, DOB, Gender etc in the required box

4. Next, upload the required documents (check there, if don’t find, comment below)

5. Next, upload your recent passport size photo and a clear visible signature

6. After it, you can book your test slot for driving license

7. And finally, you are all done to pay the Online Payment. (you can pay through your net banking, debit or credit card as shown there )

8. After all process, you will receive a Application Number by which you can track your DL Application status .

How to track/check application Status ?

For tracking your application status, follow these simple steps below

1. Open the official website or click this link :

2. Enter your Application No that you received through your mobile no

3. Enter your Date of Birth

4. Then Press “Submit” to check your application Status

So friends, I hope this article helped you a lot . Do let me know if you have any further questions or doubts you have in comment box below . Thank YOU !!

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