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Aquarium Water Pumps, also known as aquarium powerhead are the water pumps that are completely submerged inside of the aquarium to circulate the water within the same.


Aquarium water pumps, also known as aquarium powerhead are the water pumps that are completely submerged inside of the aquarium to circulate the water within the same. Apart from the circulation of the water, it also aids in the aeration of the same so that the fishes and other living organisms inside of the aquarium stay alive and can use the dissolved oxygen inside of the water just like their natural habitats. Hence, it is an important part for the aquarium and one must select the best for their aquariums. This article discusses more on the selection parameters for the best aquarium water pumps.

The Detailed functioning

Aquarium water pumps are used to create the desired flow through the tank in which the fishes are kept. The water circulation is very important for the aquarium to maintain the conditions found in the natural habitats where the fishes originally thrived. It can be used to create a laminar kind of flow or a turbulent type, based on the size of the aquarium and the nature of the fishes that are kept within the same. Hence, the flow rate and type are varied depending on the number of the powerheads used and the location at which they are installed. In large aquariums like those found in the museums, a variable voltage system, also known as a wavemaker is used to simulate the turbulent movement of the ocean water for the large fishes that are kept for display in those spaces. In some aquariums, even the aeration is done separately by another air pump, instead of having that same unit integrated into the powerhead.


Factors to Include

There are a number of different choices for the best Aquarium Water Pumps available in the market and hence one would eventually get confused in selecting the suitable one. Hence, for narrowing down to the ideal ones, one must look for the following factors that would aid in tuning up the choice: -

1.Filtration type- It is one of the primary factors that must be considered because of the different types and sizes of aquariums require different kinds of filtration units. The type of filtration unit that one chooses then aids in choosing up the ideal aquarium pump for his or her purpose.

 Flow rate- As mentioned earlier, the flow rate of the water is also important and varies from the types of fishes that are kept in the containers. Like, in big aquariums for the saltwater fishes, the flow rate must be higher than that of the small home kinds of aquariums. Hence this also aids in deciding the type of pump to be chosen.

 Plumbing and head height- The type of plumbing unit to be used and the location of the pump in the container define these parameters and hence aid in selecting the ideal pump that can move the required amount of water properly.

 Use of additional devices- Use of additional devices like the wavemaker and other accessories also define the choice of the pump.

On the basis of these pumps and aquarium filters, the major categories available in the market are of submersible and in-line water pump types.  

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