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Robert Eide - Aegis Capital Corp - Ways of Creating Healthy Competition in the Workplace

At Aegis Capital Corp., Robert Eide is well known for creating a healthy work environment. Workplace competition is common and often it is a good and healthy element.

At Aegis Capital Corp., Robert Eide is well known for creating a healthy work environment. Workplace competition is common and often it is a good and healthy element. It makes the staff more energized, more engaged and more productive. But there are also adverse effects of this competition. It can lead to long resentment, stress and lowered confidence levels. Some people are by nature competitive and survive in competitions while there are others who are afraid of contests.

What should you do? As a business owner, you should foster healthy competition at your workplace and avoid any kind of harmful effect. How do you do that? Here are a few tips for you…



Make the Competition Enjoyable

There is eventually competition at work. Every member desires to perform well, get recognized and seek a promotion. Do not make workplace competition a serious affair. Add a fun element and keep it light.

Promote Healthy Competition

Competition is bound to create conflict amongst employees. As a business owner, you should teach team members how to go for a healthy debate and share opinions openly. Such healthy competition promotes improvement and innovation.

Monitor the Effects of Competition

You should observe the track your workplace competition takes, not only in business but also your employees. Are your employees becoming uncooperative or are they snapping one another? If the competition starts to go off track, you should call for discussion and sort out the problem and if required, you can call off the competition.

Encourage Competitions in Teams

Competition amongst individuals is likely to go wrong. It can lead to a situation where everyone wants to be in the first position. On the contrary, team competition is much healthier and entails collaboration, which is necessary in modern workplaces. Try to have balance in teams by selecting members with diverse strength levels. This creates effective teams on one hand, and on the other, gives members a chance to learn from one another during competition.

Encourage Competition with Oneself

A competition which focuses on evaluating personal ability instead of out rating others is motivating. Encourage business professionals to make their business performance better. For instance, one should try to raise his sales numbers in a month. One team can compete with another team.

Provide a Reward

You should have rewards for the competition. Now, rewards for competition in workplaces depend on the kind of competition, nature of business and the people involved in it. For example, in some workplaces, the winning team may be satisfied with a trophy and recognition in the meeting, while, in other workplaces, teams might want to get an early leave on Fridays. Again, others might demand a bigger reward like vacation packages or bonus for achieving big sales.

Be Focused on the Goal

It is good when employees are excited about competitions but, they should become so much excited that they forget their ultimate goal. For instance, if the competition measures the number of calls a customer service department takes in one day, then they should focus on speed. It does not mean that they should rush through the calls and reduce the quality of service of the business.

Thus, these are certain things that a business professional should know to ensure healthy competition amongst employees in his workplace. It will help to flourish his business. 

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Yes, when one wants to buy a property one cannot buy it full on cash. We are not talking about well-settled rich families instead we are talking about the middlemen who have no money in hand to buy the house on cash payment. Therefore, they usually opt for property loans to build their dream house for their family and yes these loans are helping people to get money easily at a good interest rate. But what if you have bad credit scores then you know that none of the banks will provide you with the loans because of your negative credit scores. But now the situation is different banks are providing bad credit loans for the people who have bad credit scores but are able to pay the instalments on time.

Now, do you want to know more about this that how can you get the property loans after having bad credit scores? Then yes this information may help you a lot.

How to get bad credit loans?

You can get the loan by payday lenders but you have to pay a certain amount to get that loan. Yes, you have to pay more than a normal loan taker. They provide you loans even after you have bad credit scores. Yes, another way before purchasing property take your credit scores little up so that you have no need to pay a huge amount for taking a loan.

Benefits of bad credit loans:

• Approval rate will increase - While applying for normal loan with good credit scores chances of application getting rejected are higher by the bank even for a small mistake or less of document but in case of bad credit loans as you are paying the huge amount to the bank there are 80% to 90% of chances that your application will get selected.

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• It will help to increase your credit scores- Yes, the most important thing of this loan is that if you pay all of your instalment on time then it will definitely help you to bring up your credit scores to a good rate which will eventually help you in future for getting any other loan.

Disadvantages of bad credit loans:

• Firstly, when you take bad credit loans to buy a property it may give you many advantages but there are several disadvantages of it as if you are not been able to pay the instalments on time then it will make your credit scores worse.

• Secondly, you have to pay a huge amount of interest for taking that loan which could be a burden for a middle-class family member.

• When you are taking bad credit loans a bank attaches a lot of terms and conditions with the application which can trap the person and which can financially harm the person a lot.

Hence, bad credit loans are good for buying property loans in case if your credit scores are not good but you have to take some precautions and you have to follow the terms and conditions of the bank properly before opting for any loan.

We hope you will get the best loan offer as per your choice!!

HUDA housing scheme is a project undertaken by the Haryana Urban Development Authority aimed at providing affordable housing to the residents of the state. It introduced the concept of Group Housing in the various Urban Estates scattered across the state. HUDA has allotted approximately 800 acres of land to various registered housing societies and organizations.

HUDA Haryana plans to provide residential plots to different income groups in cities and urban areas like Ambala, Dadri, Faridabad, Hisar, Jind, Gurgaon, Kaithal, Karnal, Rewari, Rohtak, etc. Its reserve prices will be fixed according to collector rates, or at 80% of the current market prices (whichever is higher.)

HUDA initiative will help the hundreds of residents living in the industry-rich areas of Haryana to afford their private residential plot. You can avail a home loan to meet the finances required for the expenses without straining your budget.


How to Apply for Huda Scheme?

You can apply for this housing scheme as an individual or via housing societies or welfare housing organizations. You will have to sign-up at the HUDA procurement portal to participate in an e-auction. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step process to apply for housing under HUDA.

1. Log-in using your ID and password and navigate to the main portal.

2. Select the ‘Sign-Up’ button to navigate to the contractor/bidder/supplier signup form.

3. Fill in the necessary information correctly and submit the form. Keep the login details with you as it will be required to participate in the e-auction.

4. Select the client as Haryana Urban Development Authority while logging in for bidding.

5. You will see the dashboard which will hold a list of current events and properties awarded. Current events will carry the details of live auctions while the awarded section will detail the bids submitted and won by the buyers.

HUDA affordable housing can significantly reduce the number of funds you will have to spend to purchase a house in major areas of the state. A smaller amount is one of the crucial factors that impact your home loan interest rate.

You can also opt for an advance from a financial organization that offers benefits under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. Leading NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv offers assistance on these schemes which can reduce your home loan rates to only 6.93%, and help you save up to Rs. 2.67 Lakh during the loan tenor.


Eligibility criteria to apply for affordable housing under HUDA Haryana include –

Domicile – Applicants who belong to Haryana are only eligible to apply for HUDA Plot Scheme 2019.

Income – You can apply for the HUDA scheme only if you belong to the EWS (Economically Weaker Section). Your family’s (including the husband, wife and child/children) income should not exceed more than Rs. 3,00,000.

Previous ownership – An applicant should not own any other house or residential plot in his or her name in the state of Haryana.

Group D employees of the Haryana Government are eligible to apply for this scheme.

Furthermore, there are some guidelines you have to follow when you apply for a HUDA housing scheme.

     1. You can become a member of a maximum of 5 co-operative societies and retain the membership of only one society after an auction.

     2. Every applicant is allowed to own a maximum of one flat in a housing society.

     3. You cannot apply for a Co-operative affiliation if your spouse or dependent children own a house, flat, or residential plot in the same urban estate.

HUDA is a great initiative to help the Economically Weaker Sections of the society acquire suitable residential accommodation in Haryana. Purchase a home with a low down payment via HUDA and secure the future of your family in the state Haryana for years to come.

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