Modern Life and Stress: 7 Signs Your Stress Is Making You Sick

Stress can be problematic as it can ruin the mental as well as physical health thereby making you sick. Read here to know more!

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In the modern era, life is a race in which everyone keeps running to achieve one thing or the other. The more we are moving towards technology, the more we are getting away from mental peace. In this scenario, stress is a common problem.

Most of the people suffer from stress, and they don’t even know that stress can be a really big problem for their mental as well as physical health. However, mild stress can’t be that much harmful, but extreme stress can even make you sick.

Modern Life and Stress: 7 Signs Your Stress Is Making You Sick

There are some signs to confirm that your stress has become an enemy of your physical well-being. If you may notice any of these signs in your body, then you must go for stress therapy.

Stress therapy is helpful in alleviating stress and achieving mental peace. So, let’s know these 7 signs showing that your stress is making you sick.

1. Your Head Ache Most of the Times:

People usually take headaches lightly. But, constant headaches are a sign of stress and extra anxiousness. Our brain releases special chemicals when we are too much worried or stressed about something.

These chemicals cause some changes in the blood vessels and nerves of our brain, due to which our headache. Our muscles also tighten when we are in stress. All of this results in head pounding or aches.

Taking pain killers every time for the headache is not the solution. It will heal your ache for the time being, but in the long-term, it will only worsen the situation. On the other hand, combating your stress through stress therapy can be the best solution for this.

2. Your Blood Pressure goes High:

High blood pressure is a bigger problem than headaches. If you experience it only sometimes, then it’s not a big issue. But, if your blood pressure remains high for longer periods, then it may be due to stress.

Our blood pressure jumps to help our body in responding to any threat. We feel these threats only when we are stressed. Constant high blood pressure can also become fatal because it can damage your arteries and heart.

To control the blood pressure, you can take blood pressure controlling medications and take a healthy diet. But, in addition, you should also work on controlling your stress in this case.

3. Your Weight Keeps Fluctuating:

Stress also disrupts your eating habits as well as your digestion. These things result in constant fluctuation in body weight. Our body releases a hormone, namely cortisol which affects our body’s ability to process blood sugars, fat, and carbs.

Due to this, our digestion is affected. You may feel like eating less or nausea after eating if you are suffering from high stress. On the other hand, some people feel like over-eating in stressful situations. This also becomes a reason of weight fluctuation.

4. You get Lots of Acne:

The skin of some people is prone to acne since their teenage years. So, if these people get acne in later years of life, then stress may not be its cause. But, people who had flawless skin in teenage and getting pimples in later years can be victims of high or low stress.

The hormone cortisol not only affects our digestion but also impacts our skin. It increases the oil production and cell turnover in the body; which causes pimples and clogged pores. So, visiting your dermatologist for getting rid of acne won’t be that much help if you are suffering from stress.

5. You are Suffering from Hair Fall:

Hair fall is a very common problem nowadays. Losing a few strands of your hairs is quite normal. But, if you are losing lots of hairs, then it may be because of stress. Hair fall is not the result of stress in every case, but people who are seeing other signs along with the hair fall can blame stress for it.

Long-term stress can push your hair follicles in the resting phase due to which these hairs fall out a few months later. Your body immune system will also attack your hair follicles if you remain stressed most of the times.

You don’t need to worry about the hair fall because your hair will return to their healthy routine; once you will become stress-free. So, all you need to do is to control your stress.

6. Your Oral Health is a Mess:

If your teeth aren’t that much healthy and you get problems like cavities, tooth decay, etc. regularly, then stress can be its reason. Yes, over-stressed people usually grind their teeth while sleeping and even in the day. They don’t even notice that they are grinding their teeth.

The process of teeth grinding results in tooth fracture, tooth damage, cavities and many other big dental problems. Your joints of mouth can also dislocate causing TMJ disease due to teeth grinding.

You won’t be able to open your mouth without pain if you suffer from TMJ. So, stress can be a real foe for your teeth and oral health.

7. You are Always Exhausted and Tired:

Over stressing can also disrupt your sleep due to which your mind can’t concentrate properly on tasks, and you will feel exhausted. People who are getting good sleep, but still feel tired in day time can also be a victim of stress.

Yes, because stress trigger feelings of fatigue in our body due to which we feel tired all the time. However, most of the people suffering from stress have problems getting sleep, and they keep tossing in their bed.

All the stressful thoughts come up in our mind when we go to our bed. That’s why such people can’t work for long hours without feeling frustrated and tired.

So, if you see three to four of the above-given signs in you, then it’s obvious that you are over-stressed. Don’t take it lightly as overcoming stress can remove all of these health-related issues. See a stress therapist as soon as possible.

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