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The speed of technology is always fast. It seems that your business is struggling to continue? We do - it is no secret that online marketplace and popularity of e-readers have always changed our business of books. Whenever we feel the shock of technology, with the push, we need to learn something new, so we remind ourselves how the help is always available to get out of our customer service

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Providing any other customer service can help your business succeed, it does not matter what the economic environment or the latest technology frenzy. Such as:

1) Customers should know - If you are running your business from an unknown (or simply internet) location, it makes you more anonymous. It's common nowadays, but adding "face" or address to your business can help to convince customers that you will not disappear overnight. If you do not really need this then you will not have to rent the office space; Consider where you operate and how to contact customers differently from email. A small personal information can go a long way and reduce the concerns of access, trust or safety.

2) Be available - if a customer can not catch you when you need them, then you can lose them forever. We recently changed our insurance provider and web developer, and the decisions were based on availability and responsibility. With new companies, we receive the owner on the phone every time, and if there is a disaster then they are there day or night. In our own business, we value the face-to-face conversation with customers, which are often rarities these days. Whether it is traveling all over the country for a trade show or taking time for an instant coffee or a Skype session, our strong relation is with the customers we personally know and stay in touch regularly.

3) Special Services / VIP - Can you provide special discounts or services that your competitors do not give? Can you offer some special offers to existing customers only? Can your services be considered "luxury"? Providing special treatment to your clients will help them take care of them, and this is also something they may be willing to pay more."There are many" fodder "and" Bids and promotions "Only new customers - Cover customers who have stayed with you for a long time.

4) Provide knowledge - It is very good to build strong relationships with our customers, but we also provide knowledge and business with them. In our business, a customer can compare many competitive copies of the online book, but they will not get a conversation about the complex printing history of the title. When we are talking to customers, we mostly talk about business, trends in the market, and talk about their collective habits of the customer. After this, we negotiate a deal. A customer can know more than you on a particular topic! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more.

The business show is another great way to give you knowledge of your customers. Organize seminars with expert speakers to attract potential customers interested in your product or services.

5) Proposal Community - By bringing face-to-face talks, special services and knowledge together you can help create a unique community for your customers. This can be an interactive part of your website, a weekly or monthly webinar, or an open house at your physical location. Better yet, organize with equal or local businesses to establish an event, street meal, or conference that can attract a large crowd.

It is also possible to create a community when you are on the road. Our professional organization works hard to show part of a large destination for the people present. We collaborate with other institutions and programs, and even make plans for the place of the show according to the weather (which do not want to go to Southern California in February, when there is an exhibition in the local museum?) You will find it easy for customers to travel only, but there can be a big draw for their presence along with events and they can spend more time with you. Can be encouraged for.

These try-and-the-right ways can improve your relationships with your customers. Are there other ways to engage your Customer Engagement? Comment here, or join the conversation on social media:

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