5 Technology Trends the Employment Market MUST Dominate for Success

By dominate, I am of course referring to job candidates, not necessarily employers.

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You know what that means? You better be brushing up on your technology skills. This goes far above and beyond anything IT related even. We've seen the age of the programmer, website developer and even game designer come and go and come back again countless times, and for good reason -- because we were definitively experiencing a golden age of a digital renaissance.

Technology Became Art -- But Now the Technology Trends Say That It's a Profitable Venture


Truth be told, it's both. So it's a double-whammy. If you're not too adept at least in even traversing the landscape of Microsoft Word, or your smartphone, you're pretty much sunk. You don't last a chance. And even if you are good at those sort of basic things, pretty soon as we continue bulldozing through 2019 with a vengeance, if you're not paying attention to these technology trends for employment, you're worse than sunk -- you're buried.

Starting With "Smart Cities"

Very soon we'll see public service positions rise in the market, and here's why.

Or How About That One Thing We Heard of Before? The Blockchain.

That's right: expect blockchain technology to continue growing despite some downward trend. If you don't have at least some knowledge and experience in this particular field, soon the big mainstream explosion will hit, and you'll be left behind. Read more right here.

Artificial Intelligence Will Get Bigger and Bigger and Bigger as We Go Along

It'll apply to quite a bit of different verticals and industries, so be prepared. Whatever it is you're skilled at doing, better know how to implement this still innovating technology as written here.

And Don't Even Get Us Started With FORTNITE

What about Fortnite? What does that have to do with employment? Well, if we're thinking about video game design, sure.... But we're not. Here's what we're talking about.

Do yourself a favor: start researching.

Just Another Reason Why Technology Is Killing It With Yet Another Industry


You read it here: the employment industry. Technology trends knocked another one out of the ballpark. Now the question is do you have other insight as well technology trends to look out for? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND GET TO WRITING! WE WANT TO READ IT ALL!

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