5 Reasons Why Mobile Technology Benefits the Money-Minded

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Usually when people think of mobile technology, we think of Android or Apple games, light saber sounds, and other cool features. Apps are the thrill of the human imagination. That's why on those app stores, we normally see games at the forefront of what sells. Typically the other types of apps, you'll see as you scroll down.

Look Closer, Because Mobile Technology Affects EVERYTHING -- Such as PERSONAL FINANCE

You'll see the proof in these five trending pieces. And it's turned a corner for the stigma associated with innovation. Oh, yes -- it's deified. We rely too much on it. We get it. It's taking away all of our jobs. We're losing our humanity. Stop. Just stop.

Looking at the trends, you'll realize that mobile technology does help -- you just have to know where the right apps are. Sure, there's gamification and a plethora of ad revenue associated with a burgeoning industry, and don't even get us started with cryptocurrency and the blockchain. But at the heart of it all is a model ripe for an ability to empower the many on what matters most: money. Our money. Money we absolutely have to manage.

Here are five reasons why our money benefits the most from mobile technology:

Ever Heard of Mint and Acorns?


Two apps. Two platforms. Excellent for overall saving and budgeting. You can learn more about them right here.

Try YNAB and See for Yourself


It stands for You Need a Budget, a handy little app for the hardcore finance engineer. Check the scoop on this nifty platform.

Simplification at Its Best With Pocketguard


While it may sound like an ID theft protection service, it's generally not, and here's why.

Or Prism: Good for Making Payments and Tracking Bills


Now that we got your attention on that, all you need to do is click this link right here.

Or for Something a Little More Serious.... Personal Capital


For the investment-minded, you can't go wrong with this one. Check it out right here.

The market and need for this is irrefutable....

And That's Because Honestly We Need the Help

Technology helps us manage. That's how it should be. Since we're on our phones, and we're often mobile -- especially if we're millennials -- we need something that stays with us no matter where we are. This applies to marketers, home makers, entrepreneurs, artists.... And yes, financial managers even.


That's right: these apps could even benefit the company accountant. Thanks to technology. You heard it here.

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