5 Points to Consider Before Choosing Adoption Lawyers in Georgia

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Adoption is surely a life-changing decision for most parents. The entire process involves giving legal rights and responsibilities of parenthood to other individuals who are capable of caring for the child. It’s a constitutional rights process of handing over responsibilities from one parent of a child to another. As such, it requires a critical look, and the entire process has to be error free. It involves the government and ensures that the parents considering the adoption can provide a good environment for their child to grow.


Adoption may seem like a daunting new process, especially because it is a legal one. As such, you will need adoption lawyers in Georgia to guide you through the paperwork. They will ensure that you meet all regulations and state laws. Some states may need an attorney in just a part of the process. However, regardless of the type of adoption you choose, it is best to have one by your side.

The process may be slow, but here are some important things you should know before you choose the best adoption lawyers in Georgia.

1. Discuss the Services they provide

When you consult an adoption attorney in your area, you should ask them more about the services they offer. This should include the types of adoptions they take care of, and the prices they offer for each one. You should also know the role they play in. For example, they should assist you with the adoption process. They should freely discuss the process they follow and ask them any questions you have in mind.

2. Do They Have Prior Experience?

You should freely ask them whether they have taken up the type of adoption, you are choosing before or not. This could be any adoption, including domestic or international adoption. Ask them the number of successful cases they have worked on. You should also ask them about the latest updates on the adoption laws in your state. If you are choosing an international adoption, you may want to consider consulting an immigration attorney. You want the attorney to be up to date with the type of adoption process you are choosing. You may want to consider an adoption attorney like Tom Tebeau among many others, especially because of the years of experience he has gathered.

3. Professional Licensing is Important

You should check whether the expert has a license to practice in your state. You may search for the best attorney online from reliable websites, which list attorneys that have the right amount of adoption experience. You may also consider recommendations in your area. As your friends and family for reliable experts. These should be people that guarantee satisfying legal services.

4. Is Anyone Following Your Case?

Before you take up the adoption, you have to consider whom you would be working with; will it be an attorney directly? It may be that you have to work with a partner or an associate office staff member. You should also ask about how many hours they would be available to work on the case. Would they prefer that you get in touch through calls, texts or emails? It is also important to see who would oversee the entire adoption process, and the staff involved.

5. Ask the Costs of the Adoption Process

You may also want to know more about the adoption fees. Learn more about what is legal, who you should pay the amount to and when. You should ask the attorney about how much is necessary to bill. Do they actually have a set rate, a consultation fee, or do they bill by the hour? Before you begin with the process, you need to have an estimated budget for the adoption and know the areas that offer legal fees.

As you work with various people throughout the adoption process, including social workers, adoption lawyers in Georgia, internet consultants, or any other professionals, know that only an attorney would be your true guide. This is because they have a great amount of experience in the legal areas and they can offer the best guidance. You should just make sure that you choose the right attorney. Check their licensing, rating, and only choose them if you feel happy with the services they offer.

Regardless of the type of adoption you choose, you have to take a leap of faith. Just make sure that you keep your eyes open throughout and only go ahead if you feel things are working well for you. 


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