5 Myths about Accounting Debunked

Small businesses don’t use the services of a professional accountant, and it is due to the lack of understanding or the industry and the benefits.

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Small businesses don’t use the services of a professional accountant, and it is due to the lack of understanding or the industry and the benefits. If you as a company don’t employ effective accounting practices and are unwilling to trust the expertise of an experienced Manhattan CPA, you may be exposing your business to various financial risks. Common myths that you should debunk before hiring a professional accountant:

1-With Technology Accounting is Easy

Undoubtedly, technology has helped, and there are the latest applications available in the market, but they only make the job of a professional accountant easy. There are many complexities and many unquantifiable circumstances that are involved in analyzing the data.

Furthermore, technology can work as an enabler for the development of the strategies, but you need a CPA for the same. A business may be able to manage some aspects of the company’s finances, but not be able to handle the might of a trained CPA.

2- An accountant can Quickly Solve Any Problem

Accountants are very skilled in analyzing the root cause of financial issues. They can suggest the best course to overcome the same. But if you assume that they are a remedy for all the problems in hand, you should think again. If your company is in a deep financial crisis, it will take time to come out of the mess even if you have hired the best accountant. A better approach is to hire an accountant as soon as you start your business.

3-Accountants are good Mathematicians

Some believe that the accountant’s job is that of the mathematician. Accounting doesn’t need any sort of complicated math like calculus. When you approach accounting, you should bear in mind that it is about organizing and analyzing the finances and doesn’t need exceptional math skills. An accountant prowess is more related to business acumen which means that they provide practical strategies for the business.

4-Hiring An Accountant Is Best For Your Taxes

Some confuse accountants with the tax preparers. Although CPAs do provide useful tax services, they are essential for the company’s profits. Accountants provide the services which are helpful for the business, but CPAs often do more than that. Besides helping with taxes, a CPA can help you set-up and maintain the books and also develop financial strategies that will fulfill the companies goals and needs. They will recognize the weaknesses, and the problems with your finances and suggest the ways to improve. When it comes to compliances with taxes, CPA is the most useful. But the benefits of taking the services of a CPA go far beyond the interactions with the IRS.

5-They Are Meant For Big Business Only!

Whatever be the size of your business, you need to have an accountant or a CPA to handle the accounting books. He can manage the records well and deliver the results as expected.


Before you hire a Manhattan CPA, you should debunk these myths which will ensure that you get the results as desired. 


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