5 Key Elements For Exhibition Stand Success

All regular exhibitors know that it is really challenging to stand-out among various competitors in the trade show.

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It required a lot of efforts and creativity to design the exhibition stand. You must design your stand that reflects your brands and products. But, achieving your goal is not an easy task. Here, in this article, we will discuss various tips and tricks to design a creative exhibition stand.

There are different types of stand you can choose one as per your convenience -Modular stand, customized stand, Portable exhibition stands. 


But don't forget to add creativity in your stand, no matter which one you choose. These tips will definitely help you in creating a good impact on your potential customers.

1. Reflect Your Brand identity

It is important to reflect your brand image through your exhibition stand design. It helps in building a strong relationship with customers. 

Take the help of professionals and create a good looking and professional logo to create your brand identity.

Display this logo on your exhibition stand walls. Your brand identity is the front face of your business and it helps in gaining customer loyalty. 

Try to build a strong brand image because it directly helps in extending the customer base. Not the only logo but there are various other elements that reflects your brand identity.

Your company's slogans, messages, specific colors, and graphics also help in building brand identity. More you spread the good information, more people will trust you. 

To design an exhibition stand that represents the brand values you can use the brand specific colors and graphics on yours.

2. Build An Effective Trade Show Strategy

A perfect plan can lead you towards the height of success. First of all, the pen down all the trade shows in which you are going to participate and also write down the space allocated in different exhibitions.

Then set your budget for the exhibition stand and try to get one without going beyond the maximum limit. 

It will help you in choosing the right exhibition stand- modular exhibition stand, customized stand, portable exhibition stands, banner stand, etc.

If you are planning to exhibit in more than one trade show than modular stand is the best choice as it is portable, durable and re-usable. It can be easily adjusted in different space size.

Moreover, you can customize its graphics and display as per your requirement. Proper planning will let you exhibit smoothly without any major trouble.

3. Good Graphics Layout

Once you have finalized the type of stand you require then the next step is to figure out the best system, style, and size of the exhibition stand. Also, it’s time to think about some creative graphics to display on walls.

All exhibition stands should be integrated with stunning graphics that can catch the attention of trade show visitors and also convey the right information related to product/service and brand. 


Good choice of graphics will let your visitors stop by your stand and start enquiring about your products.

Don't create the mess on your stand walls by displaying too many items as it will make your potential customers confused. 

On the other hand, it’s also not a good idea to just display one or two graphics on the exhibition stand walls. Make sure that your images are not blurred and hold good quality.

4. Video and Animation

Static images are not enough to catch the attention of your customers, you should think about more creative ideas. 

Use animations and videos to capture the attention of visitors. Consider bespoke videos on TV screens, fun projections, informative slideshows and branded games on iPads.

Interactive displays and moving images will enable two-way communication between your brand and your potential customer and will attract more visitors.

5. Social Media

Well, social media can help in driving a huge volume of customers at your stand. Social media marketing is extremely valuable in any live marketing strategy. 

You should use the right hashtag for your stand and promote your new products/services on social media walls.

Also, display your social handles & hashtags on your stand walls. This way passersby that don’t stop by getting an opportunity to check out your brand later.

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