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Think your PPC campaigns are fully optimized? Think again. The truth is that there are no perfect PPC campaigns because there is always room to improve! Experienced marketers know the importance of making PPC optimization a routine task that is part of their weekly, or even daily, to-do list.

Why is a perfect PPC campaign impossible? The online advertising environment is always shifting under pressure from several different sources. Most impactful to your PPC campaigns is what your competitors are doing. Their strategies will affect your own, which means you need to stay agile and aware of the changes occurring in your PPC campaigns.

In other words, the competition is constantly moving, so you must also stay in motion. This is not easy and it can be very time-consuming. The larger your PPC campaigns, the more possible ways there are to try and improve your efforts. Thus, you want to spend your time wisely by focusing on the areas that will create the most positive changes for your marketing.

1. Start With A Goal

Your PPC campaigns should be guided by a specific goal or objective that you want to achieve. Do you want to increase website traffic? Improve brand awareness? Drive revenue? To make optimization easier, you should focus your efforts on furthering this goal. This will help you prioritize tasks and choose the right campaign adjustments to make.

As you’re making changes, you want to pay close attention to the key metrics that you use to measure progress towards your goal. When deciding if a change is worth your time or not, think about what impact it will have on this goal. If it will be positive, then it is a path towards better optimization.

Otherwise, it is best to ignore the adjustments that, while beneficial, may not lead towards the right type of progress. That said, a time will come when your campaign is optimized for your goal and you’ve taken care of all of the obvious changes. Then, you can look at these other helpful adjustments.

2. Prioritize By Potential Progress

The degree to which one change will impact your PPC campaigns varies. You want to focus on the biggest weak spots first because these areas offer the greatest room for improvement. If you wanted to restore a car, you wouldn’t worry about the paint and detailing until you repaired the engine and got the vehicle running, right?

The same applies to your PPC campaigns! Look for your weakest campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. These are the cracks in your PPC strategy that require the most optimization! They are also the areas that are damaging your performance and Quality Scores, which makes them high-priority issues.

If you can’t seem to improve a particular area of a campaign, don’t forget that you can pause it. It’s often better to remove an underperforming keyword or ad group because it stops it from lowering your important metrics and scores.

3. Optimize For Quality!

Quality Score is an important factor in Google Ads. It is how Google determines click costs, ad ranks, and many other crucial components to a successful PPC campaign. One of the best PPC campaign optimization tips is to look at the Quality Scores on your account and aim to improve any grades that fall below the norm.

How do you improve your Quality Scores? There are several ways that Google assesses the quality of your PPC efforts. Relevance is a huge factor. Your ads and landing pages need to be relevant to the targeted keyword. And, each keyword in the ad group needs to be relevant to one another and share the same common theme.

Google also measures the expected clickthrough rate of a new campaign by looking at what your Google Ads account has achieved in the past. Thus, the more you improve your overall account, the higher your potential Quality Scores.

Here you can see the ROAS bidding Strategy for better understanding.

4.) Run Tests That Open Your Eyes

You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s common to hit a point where you don’t know where to improve your campaigns. You may already be at that point. Unfortunately, every campaign is different, which means there is no universal recipe for optimization success.

The path that one marketer takes to improve their campaigns may not produce the same positive results for your own PPC strategy. They have their own competitors, audiences, and budgets that are different than your own.

To find the right answers and discover new ways to optimize your campaigns, you need to experiment on your own. It’s a good strategy to dedicate some of your ads spend on test campaigns. This is where you will try out new ad copy, measure the value of new keywords, take a chance on a new bidding strategy and do all the other things you’ve always wondered about when creating and monitoring your PPC campaigns.

Sometimes, these small experiments will lead to big insights that help you achieve greater success!

5. Understand That Optimization Is Ongoing

Optimizing your PPC campaigns is a journey, not a sprint. Some marketers try and optimize everything at once with the hopes that their campaigns will radically change overnight. It just doesn’t work that way. Optimization is a process, not a one-time task you can do and then forget about. If you try and optimize everything at once, it is easy to burn yourself out.

The best strategy for approaching PPC campaign optimization is to use the 1% improvement principle. This technique uses small, 1% improvements to create exponential change. Improving your campaigns by just 1% each day is both manageable and powerful.

Growth doesn’t add incrementally, it builds on itself. So, a 1% change every day for a year doesn’t result in a 365% change by the end of the year. It creates 3700% growth!


With these 5 best PPC campaign optimization tips, you should have a stronger grasp on how to positively grow your Google Ads account. To recap, your first objective is to understand what changes lead to the biggest improvements. Then, concentrate your time and energy towards optimizing these areas of your campaigns a little bit each day.

If you continue making these small steps forward, your campaigns will soon blossom into the well-optimized marketing machines that you’ve always hoped for.

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