4 Best Steps Help You How To Increase your Vertical Jump Ability At Home in a very Short Time.

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To stay healthy life, it is important to do some exercises each day. People who start day with an exercise are found healthier. We are here to tell you some amazing step that will help you how to increase vertical jump at home? Yes, you are reading right. You can increase your vertical jump just by sitting at home by following the amazing steps mentioned below:

Marking the point

Take a chalk or a marker in your hand and stand with the wall. Now jump as high as you can leaving the mark of that chalk. The mark will indicate the distance of your first vertical jump.

Time for exercises

Now start by doing different exercises like squats, pushups, lunges etc. Also use weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. Weights are well known to help a lot with the vertical jumps you do. But we are talking about doing vertical jump at home. For this, you can always use grocery items like milk cartons and even bottles filled with water as weights.

Do exercises that will test your strength. Do these in one direction. Start by standing in front of a fixed object. Jump from a standing position into a box with both feet. You can also sit on a bench with weights on your shoulders and stand up to perform box squats but before that, do the exercise without weights to practice. This will prevent you from hurting your back. Do this exercise around 8 times continuously for an increased vertical jump

Furthermore, do strength exercises, which require the leg movements in up and down direction. Start by standing on a bench. From that position, jump off, and as soon as your feet touch the floor, jump straight up into the air.

The simplest exercises you can do at home

Run up and down your driveway by using bigger steps. Take two steps forward then jump as high as possible on your third step. Repeat this step on regular bases. Make changes to this exercise by switching your left foot with right and the right with the left. The skipping exercise comes with many athletic and health benefits as if helps to improve coordination of your body muscles and aerobic ability. You can come in a better shape by this. However, you might not reach your maximum vertical leap, but the constant jumping trains your body to fight gravity therefore making you become able to jump higher. The best part is, you can perform it anywhere, anytime. Do it for at least 10mins daily.

Final touches

Therefore, the exercises mentioned above will definitely increase your vertical jump and make you active. You’ll be able to perform your goal perfectly if you get a good grip in these exercises. Now with that same marker, stand by the wall and jump and you’ll surely see that the new mark will be higher than the previous mark you made before starting the exercises.

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