4 Must-Have Features for your Real Estate Website in 2019

A real estate website works wonders for business only when it’s up to date, trendy and user-friendly.

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A real estate website works wonders for business only when it’s up to date, trendy and user-friendly. If you create a website that doesn’t appeal to your targeted users, then you can’t upscale your business no matter how hard you try. Every niche has its own set of requirements when it comes to creating a website. Like if you’re building a website for kids then you have to travel in their shoes first, if it’s women then you need to learn their preferences. And when it’s about real estate audience then you need to be like them.

You can keep your business going with a simple real estate website, but if you want to scale beyond expectations then you need to add features that excite the audience. Technology has given us so much space that we can customize the website according to the niche. So, if you’re looking to improve your real estate website in 2019, then here are four best features that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost.

1. AI-Powered Chatbot

When you create a real estate website, you should be prepared because the customer can knock you anytime. He won’t see if it’s the middle of the night or early in the morning. The only thing he’d care about his queries getting answered. In this context, a chatbot is the blessing for the website. If the customer is interested in any listing and has some questions, he can sort it out quickly on the chat.

This gives more exposure to the website, increase website traffic, and even revenue for the business. Most websites, term chatbots as the source of increasing stay time of customers and helping their way out in finding solutions. Other than that, a chatbot is also useful in gathering customers data and giving recommendations based on their searches.

2. A Welcoming Home Page

Everybody likes to be welcomed when they land on a website. And the home page serves as the welcoming page. It decides whether the user should stay further or go. So, you must work on the website home page and make it appealing.

It should describe who you are and what’s your business about. If your specialty is Toronto condos for sale, then you should place a photo on the homepage that defines your specialty. One beautiful trick is to make the search easy like adding a search bar on the homepage will make it easy for the audience to know the listings available. It’s not necessary that you create a new design from scratch but rather improve the existing one and tweak it to make better.

If you have content, then it should be short and to the point. The design should also be minimal and make sure it holds the clarity in it. Homepage is certainly an introductory page for your website.

3. Build your Social Media Presence

Social media shouldn’t be limited to the icons in the footer. Your website directs visitors to social media forums. If you plan to include on your website then you should also work to make it worthy. A huge number of audience search properties on social media, especially Facebook. If you sideline the social platforms then you minimize the opportunities to grow. Promoting your content or your website through social media play a prominent role in the promotion and building a reputation among people.

Clients no longer believe the written words, they search reviews; they measure success by the number of followings on social platforms. If you want your website presence more pronounced, then you should work on growing your social network stronger and better.

4. Mobile-Friendly Design

Unlike in the past, users now shop on mobiles, especially when it comes to buying properties. So, don’t give them a reason to leave your website by not making it mobile-friendly.

If you’re updating your website, make sure the design is responsive and attracts visitors on mobile. Take care of the photos that it doesn’t exceed the screen sizes, the description doesn’t go against the picture and not to forget the SEO keywords because optimizing your content with SEO keywords plays a vital role in ranking your content in Google Serps so it is important to include high volume keywords which have lesser difficulty because there is a saying that content is king.


One full-proof technique to increase audience engagement is to include a call to action on the website home page and make it effective. Add the features that enhance interaction with your audience and give reasons to connect with you.

If you have a website then tweak it a bit to resonate it with the audience more. The above tips will help you to stay on top of your website performance. I hope it helps you. For further info read here.

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