3 Stories That Will Make You Feel for Facebook

Seriously, you'll wonder if Zuckerberg's curled up in a ball.

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It's tough being on top. Just ask the man behind Facebook. Already the dude's been in and out of government halls, answering subpoenas of data privacy issues, violations, hacking and other issues that would somehow infringe upon the natural rights of the digital citizen. What's amazing is this is only happening now after Facebook has been a force to be reckoned with for more than a...decade? And many have renounced Facebook as the antichrist as a result, yet as we all log on to view the feed and play some mobile games, we don't see any lack of traffic or advertisement on the mega-platform. The brand still goes strong, it seems. Even Facebook Watch seems to be growing, potentially matching the panache of one YouTube! Go figure.

Still, You Have to Wonder: Is Facebook Worried? These Three Stories Might Make You Worry.


However, we're not Mark Zuckerberg. We're not a billion-strong social account enterprise with an ad platform still quite robust in its volume and interest. So you have to wonder if lawsuits, deliberations and subpoenas would be like the buzzing of flies to Facebook. We'll just have to see. Until then, check these out:

Facebook's Facing a Civil Charge Against Racial Discrimination, What??

Yep. Crazy, right? Here's the problem with that: certain advertisers take advantage of the very thing Facebook offers, which is targeting. Everything from geo-targeting -- to cultural targeting and defining custom audiences. Read here why that's an actual legal problem, and it'll make some sense.

What About Facebook's Rise Against Racism?

You'd think they'd be praised for it. Check out this story right here, and you'll be shocked. It's not as easy as you think.

Of Course, New Zealand's Applauding the Social Media Giant

Yay, one 'country' out of many are "supporting" Facebook in the prior story on "racism" that'll blow you away as to the gravitas. This stuff's ripe for television or movie adaptation. And yet a film about Facebook was already released if you remember. Perhaps this can be the sequel? Just read the story right here.

Thankfully Facebook Isn't Alone, Right?


Yep. Other platforms are taking heat, too. But it seems Facebook's getting most of the limelight, which begs the question: once you're on top, does it make it easier for others to try and knock you down? In the technology sector, that's an almost dead-on outright YES with a million likes, retweets, pins and recommends.

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