3 Stories on the Aviation Industry That Put the Technology Sector Front and Center

We're talking headlines here. Major ones.

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Forget the fact that the drone industry is still booming as we speak, not to mention the countless stories about space travel and the innovations coming. But airplanes? Who knew, right? We thought we were already through all of that, and airplanes seem to work just fine. You go online, purchase your tickets, check in your bags, head through the jet way, sit down and eat a few peanuts. You'll be at your destination within a few hours, if that.

But No One Knew of the Background Going on With Technology Innovations to Make the Aviation Industry That Much Better


It honestly has to get better. You don't see the stories often that might disturb you -- such as the recent Boeing crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia due to a faulty computer system. We don't want to see people get stirred up in a panic.

The fact is the aviation industry's ripe for continual innovation, particularly of technologies designed to make the entire process not only more convenient and optimal, but also safe. Of course, you remember 9/11, don't you? Those were dark days. And lately we haven't had to worry about that much at all since security's tightened up quite a bit.

But when it comes to technology, that's a completely different email. When a computer fails, lives are on the line. Plain and simple. So the FAA (Federal Aviation Industry) has truly been on the hot seat with the newest trend of machine automation and machine learning trying to optimize an industry that had its hiccups here and there, but now we're all suffering through growing pains and transitions to make this new process streamlined and infallible as possible.

Here Are the Three Top Stories in Aviation That'll Make You Realize That Our Lives Hinge on Technology Now Even More

For starters, keep in mind the employment market:



Information Technology and Troubleshooting Will Be a Big Factor in Aviation Now

Sure, pilots can fly those planes. But what about troubleshooting a computer? Nah. Check out this article on why the next techno-nerd might net a big paying job with the FAA.

The FAA Will Also Be Ensuring the Software Responsible for Those Systems Is Fixed

It's crazy to think that a faulty program could be responsible for a plane crash. But that's the world we live in. Undoubtedly our staff matters when it comes to technology according to this article.

Lastly, Do You Want to Know Just How Much It'll Cost the FAA to Implement These New Processes?

We're talking about aircraft approval and certification. Troubleshooting checks, diagnostics. Mechanics are great and everything, but someone is going to be in the cockpit simply checking on the little computer program in the dashboard before the plane ever gets commissioned for work at the airport. Look, we'll stop jabbering: just read this.

Do You See What We're Talking About? This Is an Industry Evolving Right Now.



Travel is arguably the biggest industry leveraging technology, and as a result, the experts are required to make sure all the right notes are hit. We're serious. What do you think of technology in the aviation industry? Is it that big of a deal to you? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND START WRITING YOUR OWN EDITORIALS! Also CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR EVEN MORE INSIGHTS TO TECHNOLOGY.

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