3 Reasons Why Technology Will Take You Into the Next Career Trend

And everyone thought technological advancement would actually take jobs AWAY?

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Surprisingly, that's just not the case -- particularly in the geos of Hong Kong and Maylasia. Those are two hotbeds for budding technological trends in the workforce, so you'd think automatically that they'd be in the know about what's going to happen to the job market. No doubt, people are scared of all the machines taking over, but look at the bigger picture....

Instead, Technology Will Offer More Jobs to the Public, and Here's Why

A Randstad Workmonitor survey logged in response on new technological investments with 48% of all participants stating that those new technologies would actually increase the number of jobs. Furthermore, an alarming 83% of those answering the survey said they would be absolutely willing to acquire the new skills necessary to capture those jobs.


Everyone has to remember that while technology's designed to make process and procedure convenient, someone still has to regulate all of it: enter the new jobs we're going to be seeing in the marketplace:

Artificial Intelligence

This innovation's making leaps and bounds, which is why many professionals in Hong Kong and Malaysia are seeing the writing on the wall. Click here for more of an inside look at AI.


Isn't everything automated these days? First it was elevators, then it was escalators, then it was those revolving doors. Some of our jobs are already automated, so it makes perfect sense that this innovative technological concept continues to push forward with this.

Machine Learning

To be more specific.... The Internet of Things. Or IoT: the next level of technology optimizing and automating our everyday lives even more but with an aim to essentially make machines smarter. Or how about cities? Click here!

After Reviewing These, It's a Definite: There's No Sign of Trouble for the Employment Market

And some of the technological leaders from overseas can say so, so can we. Any news you've got for us on the technology trend? SIGN UP FOR VIGYAA FOR FREE AND START WRITING THE NEWS!

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