3 Movements in Cloud Gaming That Will Make You Ditch the Console

Because no one uses CDs or cartridges anymore. Duh.

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We've come a long way with video games. First it was Pong, then it was Super Mario Bros., and now we're crushing candy on our phones while on a train to school, let alone building forts online and playing with others from clear across the world. But no one -- and I mean no one -- could've been prepared for the next generation of video gaming that would literally change the way we not only played them but acquired them. Cloud gaming is here.

What Is "Cloud Gaming" Exactly?


Picture having the ability to play a real-world expansive story without  a console and without a disk or cartridge. Imagine that. Now imagine that you don't even need to download the game anywhere. You don't even need to download it onto cloud storage.

The game you want to play already exists in that cloud, like a central hub designed to house all your information -- everything from your point totals, to your inventory, and even your characteristics. It's a phenomenal concept, one that has existed for quite a while, actually (they were called "MUDS"). But only now have they transcended the chat-room feel and taken the cloud even higher up than you're used to.

The cloud already made things pretty easy. You can access it online via browser. Oftentimes you had to download additional files. They oftentimes still took up space on your computer or digital device. Thanks to what we're learning now, cloud gaming does so much more, such as:

The Apple Arcade

You remember what the subscription model is all about, right? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. Just imagine what it would be like to have a cloud subscription for gaming! And Apple has the goods on it.

What About Google?

Don't count them out either. After all, they're the masterminds behind Google Play, but now the company's getting behind their own exclusive brand of cloud gaming that may change everything.

And Lastly, Nvidia and Softbank

What are these two companies doing? Something astonishing.... Just click here and find out (this alone changes the way cloud gaming works).

It's No Wonder Cloud Gaming Is One of the Latest Rages of Technology


Nowhere else do you see souls connecting over a game from clear across the world. It's the ultimate get-together. Games make everything great for humanity, so when you put this model up in the cloud the way these thought leaders are doing, that only benefits humanity even more. What do you think of cloud gaming? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT AND LET EVERYONE KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. Also be sure to CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTORS FOR MORE INSIGHTS ON THE INDUSTRY OF TECHNOLOGY.

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