3 Cryptocurrency Stories That Will Scare the Blockchain Out of You

Just remember: it's only a horror movie. (None of it is real)

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We're sure you've been to the theater, seeing the likes of Annabelle and The Conjuring, plus some nostalgia like Halloween and anything involving a hockey mask. Or a glove with knives for fingers. We go into these auditoriums thinking that the pants will be scared off of us knowing that there's no reality here. It's not Scream. Don't expect Ghostface or anything. As soon as the lights come on, you're just fine.

Believe it or not., that's what blockchain and crypto gets to be these days for everyone! It's sort of scary. Investors are iffy about it. We end up hearing about financial catastrophes up the wazoo, and we're just about ready to head for the exit door and not look back. And the exact reason why these new financial technologies, frameworks and systems scare us so bad is because they're so BRAND NEW.

Technology Is Notorious for Being Difficult at First 


People will try and take advantage of it. Others will try and adopt or adapt to it. There will be hiccups along the way. Newest innovations continue to evolve and advance. So you can expect some horror stories along the way. Without a doubt it shouldn't be any cause for concern, thinking that some Goosebumps movie will come to fruition and the entire world will become pixelated like Wreck-It-Ralph or something. It's not.

We should, however, continue to be cautious and smart about the technologies we try to implement -- like the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Here are three stories to prove that there's still some danger out there if you're not vigilant.

Watch Out for the Investment Regulations When Making a Crypto Offer

Traditionally investments and securities are a tough industry already. Why not add a burgeoning yet volatile digital atmosphere to it? Why don't we? Let's complicate things even more! This was the case for one startup ICO that wasn't paying attention to Swiss regulations. Check it out.

A Founder of One Crypto-Company Dies, and Guess What Happens!

It is actually quite amusing that crypto and blockchain are meant to be rather airtight and secure, and yet we're forgetting one simple thing that could be a problem for everyone. An easy password. Read about the issue right here.

You May Freak After Reading About What Cryptocurrency Can Do to All Global Banks

It's a fact that banks and financial institutions clear and wide still to this day have an issue with incorporating digital currency into the fold. They're a bit skeptical. The fact is cryptocurrency is largely becoming universal, not bound by a country, dialect, or society. Globally, anyone can use, have, save or trade cryptocurrency, because it exists in the Internet. Which is why banks are scared of it according to this article.

The Writing, However, Is on the Wall -- Cryptocurrency Will Continue to Grow


The question is how? Should each country adopt its own specific crypto-model? Maybe, maybe not. What good will that do? That might just muddy the waters even more. Or is it great that crypto is so decentralized that anyone anywhere can leverage it, trade and invest and save as a commodity and security in a portfolio safety net? Maybe, maybe not.

It's sort of a catch-22 at the moment. Because the burgeoning technology truly is still well into development, not quite hitting the mainstream as of yet. Maybe if we just settle down and not fight over the value of our currencies, perhaps accept that maybe one day all of mankind can have just one universal currency.... We can then say that technology has provided the ultimate benefit, wouldn't you say?

What do you think about blockchain and crypto? Are you onboard or terrified of this horror film? SIGN UP FOR A VIGYAA ACCOUNT and also CHECK OUT THE DATA DRIVEN INVESTOR FOR MORE INSIGHTS INTO TECHNOLOGY.

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