20 Fun Questions To Ask Your Kids

Kids have a tendency to answer the questions in such innocence and honesty, because they just believe what they see around.

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Creativity of a child is hidden behind their answers, the way they respond, what words they use while answering to the questions asked. They just see the world “Unfiltered way”

To create something from personal views and their own experiences reflects the innocent nature of kid’s. The new experiences that a kid learns in his couple first years of life brushes up and enhances the development of creativity.

So have a frequent chats with your kids, ask them questions about their daily routine, some off track. It will surely foster their way of thinking and explaining things in a virtuous manner.

So here are some fun questions to ask your kids and be ready for the roller coaster ride after hearing the answers –

About Family:

1. Where you were at Mom and Dad’s wedding?

2. How old are your Mommy and Daddy?

3. Where do babies come from?

4. What can Mom and Dad do to be better Mum and Dad to you?

Some Self Views:

5. What is the best and worst thing of being a kid?

6. What you dream about every night?

7. Which is your favorite memory when you were baby?

8. Which is your favorite song? Can you sing it? (Trust me just listen to the lyrics)

9. What type of animal you would be, if you can be a one?

10. What is a friend and best friend?

11. How many times your birthday comes in a year?

The funny If’s:

12. If you want a whole room stuffed with your favorites, what will be in it?

13. If you were invisible for a day or two, what would you do?

14. If you can, which two animals would you combine?

15. If your pet would talk, what will be your conversation about?

16. If you had any superpowers, which ones they would be?

17. What if you are asked to give-up on all your toys and only keep one? Which one will you choose?

18. If you could choose a pet name for you, what would it be?

19. If you have loads of money, what you will mostly spend on?

20. If you could live in a house shaped look like anything, what would it be?

Of course every parent will be thrilled and will burst out of laughter with the out of box and creative answers of kids. Also some will be confusing too and some will derive towards uniqueness.

But sometimes kids are not in a mood to answer such or might be any questions. So no need to be upset or panic about it since not necessary the kid is always in a mood to answer or even chat much. It’s necessary to first check on your kid’s mood and then start with some light questions.

The Best time to ask your kids questions is once they are back from play school and are done with their noon nap. Else some times while having dinner, before going to bed, Sunday mornings, and every parent knows the best time when their kids are in fresh and good mood.

Also sometimes it will happens that they will counter question you, so ponder the motivation of their asked questions and answer them with simple innocent structured answers. 


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