15 Lead Capture Tools to try out in 2019

Lead generation is the process of initiating the interest of the customers into the products or services of an organization. Here are 15 Lead Capture Tools which can help you to earn quality leads

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A lead capture tool is the means by which you can prepare lead capture pages, and analyze their results. Their optimized lead capture form typically characterizes lead Capture pages. It enables you to collect the leads for the offers, and then use them for marketing purposes.

If you want to collect the leads successfully, your capture page should strike the perfect balance between 'ask' and 'reward'. The form fields which you use are known as 'ask', and your offer is the 'reward'.

When your company first interacts with a visitor, ensure that the form only asks about the basic contact information. Asking for irrelevant details in the lead capture page may lead to landing page friction.

Here, the form length plays a crucial role because if it is a short form, then it will collect a large number of leads because the visitors only need to fill in the name and email address. However, they shall be low in quality.

If the form is long, it shall collect fewer leads, but they shall be good quality leads as the visitors are interested in providing their detailed information such as email address, company revenue, the address of the business, location, and size.

Here are 15 Lead Capture Tools which can help you to earn quality leads:

Test Ace: It caters to the function of recognizing and storing personal data of the visitors. Test Ace comes with a considerable set of application development software. Moreover, the AB testing software allows you to optimize the conversion rate of your website with the help of website personalization tools and split testing.

Taplytics: It offers you mobile AB testing thus helping you to bridge the gap between marketing and development successfully. Its AB testing software optimizes the conversion rate of your website. You can use features such as heatmaps, targeting, personalization, and analytics to increase the conversions.

SiteSpect: This software serves small, mid-range, and enterprise businesses. It aids you in gaining digital traffic in the sectors such as medical care, retail, finance, education, technology, media, travel, insurance, and B2B industries. It can be deployed in the cloud, SaaS, web, Android native as well as iOS native mobiles.

It aids you in the proper management of customer experience. You can use the tools to optimize, test, target, and personalize your website to maximize the traffic.

They offer you advanced Web Analytics features such as campaign management, user interaction tracking, time on site tracking, site search tracking, referral source tracking, page view tracking, multiple site management, goal tracking, and others.

It also offers you separate sets of personalization features and website optimization tools.

SimpleHeatmaps: It offers you low-cost analytical tools to enhance the visibility and user experience of your website. You can track the clicks to your site, mouse movement, scrolls with no effect and the experience of the user.

The most significant benefit of this software is that it generates heatmaps according to the device type. You can analyze using the heatmaps for mobiles, tablets or desktops.

Heatmap features include behavioral mapping, dashboard, website analytics, AB testing features, and customer engagement features.

Insightware: The starting price of this software is $49. After that, the pricing shall depend on the number of unique monthly visits to your website.

It helps you to enhance your conversion rates by displaying the suitable page variation to every user.

Insightware features include audience targeting and adequate campaign segmentation.

Convert Experiences: This software is primarily used by the CRO experts who have extensive knowledge in advanced level digital marketing strategies. The initial price of this software is $499 per month. They offer eight plans, and you can choose the one which suits your needs.

It is excellent for AB testing and personalization of high-traffic websites. The campaign management feature includes event-triggered actions, which makes it popular among CRO experts.

Competeshark: The initial price of this software is $49. It can be deployed on cloud, SaaS, and web.

Competeshark makes it straightforward for you to track any changes that may be made to the content of the competitor websites.

Moreover, it enables you to run AB tests and check their performance levels. It offers you heatmaps as well as competitive intelligence features.

Ascend: It is the ideal software for the organizations which tend to have testing and experimentation. It is typically used by B2B sellers, lead generation businesses, and numerous e-commerce sites.

It provides you a unique solution for conversion rate optimization. It uses algorithms to enhance your testing from 10 to 100 times more. The best feature of Ascend is its lead management through algorithms.

● Alter: This software is designed to maximize your conversion rates. Its starting price is $0.01 per month.

Alter provides you with the opportunity to personalize the content of your website for the users according to their behavior, interests and other factors.

Its marketing automation features are worth mentioning. They include AB testing, analytics/ROI tracking, customizable CTAs, website visitor tracking, social marketing, search marketing, sales intelligence, segmentation, and dynamic content.

They also offer you an extensive range of account-based marketing features and content marketing features.

Adalysis: If you want to save time with automation as well as manage paid search within Google AdWords or Bing Ads, then Adalysis is the most suitable tool for you.

The initial price of this software is $99 per month. It is the ideal PPC management platform which provides you analytics, and AB testing.

The AB testing feature includes audience targeting, campaign segmentation, funnel analysis, multivariate testing, split testing, statistical relevance analysis, and test scheduling.

Hotjar: This software is built to cater to all the major marketing requirements of the firms. It has been explicitly designed for UX designers, product managers, and marketers.

It has specific features for each category. The marketers can track customer satisfaction, net promoter score as well as the voice of the customer. The product managers can easily watch session recordings to determine how people are using their products.

It enables the UX designers to determine the user behavior and eliminate those points where they tend to get stuck.

Crazy Egg: It is a simple Ab testing tool which does not require any coding. You can utilize this tool to augment your conversion rates by experimenting and determining what works best for your target audience. You can begin testing with headlines, and product descriptions and then move on to sales copies.

It helps you to get quicker results than conventional testing tools. You can test all your landing pages and your website without having prior knowledge of coding.

Freshmarketer: This software is an amalgamation of conversion optimization tools which enable you to maximize your traffic quickly.

You can quickly analyze consumer behavior using heatmaps. It also allows you to track all the click and scroll in your website.

With the visual editor, you can edit your web pages without possessing technical expertise. You can easily make changes to your website. Such changes may range from the addition or deletion of texts or images to the changes in design.

You can also receive customer feedback through polling on your website.

Prospect.io: The initial plans start for $74 per month when you pay annually or $99 per month when you pay monthly.

It aids you in finding suitable prospects and then launch cold email campaigns quickly.

Leadfeeder: This software comes with a 14-day free trial period, and then you can opt for paid plans at $59 per month.

Leadfeeder informs you about the companies who visit your website even if they do not fill out your form or contact you.

If you have Google Analytics, Leadfeeder shall also inform you about the people who visited your site during the last 30 days. Moreover, it also aids you in finding the contact information of the employees of those companies.

It helps you in reaching out to such people who may be interested in your products and services, and thus boost your sales.


Thus, you can use these 15 Lead Capture Tools for optimizing your lead capture forms and boost the traffic to your website. Certain factors determine the success or failure of your lead capture page.

You should pay attention to the form position. You should explain your offer's value before asking for the details of your visitors. The length of the form is another critical aspect. Ensure that your form is of a moderate length and it generates quality leads.

Although the visitor's ease of use for completion is essential, you should focus more on the quality of the leads than the quantity. You should include a link to your privacy policy, or terms and conditions so that your visitors can go through them thoroughly before conversion.

You should also place the CTA button strategically to boost your conversion rates. It must be written with a personalized copy.

Thus, using proper tools enables you to reach out to your target customers by collecting their contact details, and using them during your marketing campaigns.

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