Take a #10yearchallenge to yourself

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Now, these days, a very popular tag line is taking a #10yearchallenge. It is very popular as much Mr. modi. you can also say that it is viral in election day in India.

In India, 2019 comes with lots of things like Kumbh Mela-2019, Elections, etc. In 2019, our main focus on "Kumbh Mela" noooo. 

Our main focus on  Elections, mr. modi will be again PM of India?

Oops sorry, I take another point. As my topic, #10yearchallenge. Are we really ready for taking it, a 10-year challenge to own self . 

In my opinion, no we are not ready because lots of things we forget and we lost what was happening in last 10years.

I Just wanted to tell you only one thing take a #10yearchallenge in yourself. I will tell you what things we forget and lost in the last 10 years.

It is my first blog @vigyaa.Hope it will not give you #10yearchallenge 😅.


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