10 Principles For A Good Booth Design

The appearance of the exhibition stand needs to imitate the corporate identity of the business. An additional you ought to don’t forget in opting for a booth design is uniformity.

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The colors, images, and texts need to be adequately evaluated in the order that the booth will exceed the market correlated concept and bring in potential prospects. The booth must be something that provokes the curiosity of the trade show customers.


The primary step that is involved here is to ensure that the design of your bespoke exhibition stand is suitable enough to reflect your brand’s identity and this may seem quite obvious to you. 

The logo of your company, the fonts that are used for marketing, the color schemes and your slogans are some of the basic elements that are included here. It also includes some abstract ideas all at the same time.

You need to make sure that you understand your business well.

Make a clear statement of what your company stands up for.

What is the uniqueness of your selling point?

Are you presenting yourself as a traditional one or as a cutting edge?

You need to work in blend with your marketing departments trying to note down the message that you are trying hard to deliver to the rest of the world by making notes and trying to be as much as specific as possible with an exclusive booth design that will stand out of the rest.

The following are the ways in which we are examining these principles and how they would apply the rest to the design while building an exhibition stand. 

These tips were according to the words of the greatest exhibition booth designers and should be very well kept in mind while taking part in an exhibition.

1: Design should be innovative

Even if you’re at a trade show with hundreds of other similar businesses, there’s something unique about what you offer. We strive to provide something new and different, attracting visitors and leaving a lasting impression. Your stand will be bespoke, not just a standard event booth design with your branding.

2: You can make product used with a good design

Our exhibition stands and displays are about more than making a statement; we want everything that we provide to be useful and usable. 

Many of our solutions include sections that can be used individually to accommodate smaller events or incorporate practical equipment for product displays and demonstrations.


3: Good design increases the aesthetic value

First impressions always count, and eye-catching or beautiful designs are key to drawing attention to a stand. We want our clients’ displays to stand out in a crowded exhibition hall and attract people who may otherwise not have shown interest in their product.

4: Good design adds meaning to a product

If visitors to your booth don’t understand what you’re offering then you’re already starting on the back foot. By making sure that the concept of what you’re offering is clear even from across the exhibition hall, we’ll help you to generate more viable leads.

5: With good design comes obtrusiveness

When creating an innovative design, it’s easy to go too far and create something that’s all style and no substance. 

While we support innovation and are happy to help you to develop creative ideas, we’re careful to avoid anything that will hinder the experience for visitors to your stand.

6: Good design displays honesty

Little white lies and over-promising are common in sales and advertising. We would always encourage you to create a bond of trust with your customers by demonstrating exactly what your product or service can do and building realistic expectations.

7: Good design ensures longer lasting

Exhibitions have gained a bad reputation for a throwaway culture, withstands often being used only once then discarded. 

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality displays that can be used time after time in multiple configurations where possible, expanding their usability and lifespan.


8: Good design highlights all the minute details

When you attend an exhibition, your stand is an extension of your company and your product. By creating your display with diligence and attention to detail, we show your customers just how much care you put into your own products and services.

9: Good design proves to be environmentally friendly

As well as creating stands that can be used in different configurations, we design and build with reusability in mind. 

By using high-quality materials, your display will last much longer than one event season. We also recycle materials in an effort to reduce wastage.

10: Good design displays the creativity within

Creating a flashy design to wow visitors is tempting, but sometimes this can detract from what you’re exhibiting. During the design process, we’ll discuss your ideas and give you the benefit of our expertise to determine when less is more.

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