10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

These 10 cybersecurity interview questions and answers will keep you a step ahead of your competitors and increase the chances of your success in the interview.

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Technology has made the world a smaller place. it accelerated the rate of globalization and has multiplied the business opportunities like never before. But every coin has its two sides and technology too has its own pros and cons. Every business or institution, big or small, now is dependent on technology. This comes with increased chances of cybercrimes. 

Every organization needs cybersecurity experts or expert analysts to keep their important data safe and secure. Cybersecurity is a wide field, but some of the most common cybersecurity interview questions and answers can be helpful for all of us.

 Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 1

How can I encrypt my email transmissions?

Pretty Good Privacy [PGP] software should be your first choice to encrypt email transmissions. This software helps to sign, encrypt and decrypt the emails. it efficiently encrypts files, texts, directories, data, and the whole disk partition. That is the reason why most of the leading or blooming companies prefer to use PGP to encrypt their online communication.

10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 2

What is the most secure way to access my computer desktop from any remote device?

The technology easily lets you access your desktop through any device. We only need a sound Internet connection for that. The task can be easily accomplished with the help of some popular software and web service options like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, etc.

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 3

Can you share your expert views about the protocol that broadcasts the messages across all the devices?

Internet Group Management Protocol [IGMP] is the communication protocol that's globally trusted and widely used in video or game streaming. This communication protocol facilitates the communication devices and therefore the adjacent routers to send packets across the network.

10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 4

How can I hide the message in cryptography?

The cipher, an algorithm is employed to perform the encryption or the decryption. it effectively protects e-mail messages, corporate data, and the information restored in the mastercard.

It ensures that only the sender and the receiver access to the message or the information.

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 5

Explain the social engineering attacks?

If you relate social engineering attacks with information security, then it should be understood as the psychological manipulation of the human to take out or steal confidential information or data.

It includes the clever use of  Authority, Commitment and Consistency, Liking, Reciprocity, Scarcity, and Social Proof.

Authority: People can easily give away to their authority figures even after knowing that it is unethical. 

Commitment and Consistency: If people give too much importance to their commitment.

Liking: it is very human to act under the influence of our liking and preferences. 

Reciprocity: Doing the favor and then asking to return the favor.

Scarcity: The scarcity can easily make someone give up to the social engineering attacks 

Social Proof: Following what the majority of people are doing even after knowing the faults. If it is socially accepted then people tend to follow those practices.

10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 6

 Is using public Wi-Fi risky?

It is very common to prefer public Wi-Fi instead of independent data plans they are faster and free. But we should know that Wi-Fi comes with many security issues. Your private and crucial information can be easily accessed or attacked by using brute-force attacks, war-driving, sniffing, karma attack, and, etc. They can break through the router like passwords, emails, addresses, credit card data, browsing history, etc.

Using routers encrypted with WPA2 alone can save you from the leakage of information.

Take the following precautions while using public wifi

Keep public networking sharing of the data off

Keep firewall activated at all times

Make sure to use secure websites only while using public wifi for sensitive operations.

Use the Virtual Private Network [VPN] to encrypt the IP address.

Turn off the Wi-Fi once your work is done.

Update your version to the latest version and patch-up on a regular basis

Use reliable antivirus to keep your system free of bugs and malware

Use a good anti-spyware solution[s] while surfing the internet

Never attempt financial transactions on unprotected public Wi-Fi.

The two-factor authentication factor adds extra security while using public wifi.

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 7

 Is Mac OS safe?

Though no cybersecurity solutions can claim to be 100% safe. But in comparison with Windows, the cyberattacks in Mac OS are less prevalent. The best part is that Macs runs only on Apple computers and hence is more immune to hardware/software crashes.

10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 8

 What is a Firewall?

A firewall is nothing but a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits or blocks data packets well supported with a group of security rules. Its purpose is to determine a barrier between your internal network and incoming traffic from external sources (such because of the internet) so as to clear the malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 9

How can an organization prevent identity thefts?

The theft of personal data of the victim for illegal purposes is known as identity theft. It is commonly used in financial fraud or for criminal actions.

It can be prevented by using a few easy tactics:

Use of strong and unique password

Never share confidential information online

Avoid disclosing personal information on social media

Do online shopping from trusted websites only

Keep your browser updated

Keep your device protected with advanced malware and spyware tools

Use expert security solutions to keep your financial data safe

Keep your system and the software updated

Ensure the protection of your social security number

Download good and reputed apps and share only necessary detail

10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 10

What are the necessary precautions for social media security?

Though online social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc are evolving themselves to ensure safe networking, business communications, and professional benefits but it cannot be denied that they can pose serious cybersecurity threats.

Though the extent of networking is favorable and appreciated, it is creating s intruders manage to make crawl into these secure spaces too. But we can avoid this by using some easy safety measures and successfully maintain our privacy and keep avoid the risks of hacking, identity theft, bullying, standing, damage reputation on social media. 

Just use some simple measures like:

Stay away from sharing personal things

Share minimum work details on LinkedIn

Be aware of rules and regulations of social postings

Connect with genuine  people

Create stronger, unique and different passwords for different social channels

10 Must-Know Cybersecurity Interview Questions And Answers

Cybersecurity interview question and answer no. 11

What should I understand by data leakage?

Data leakage is giving out important data from a computer or data center in an unauthorized manner. It is normally done by removing the hard disks, papers, files, etc.

We can prevent data leakage by

Regularly scheduling fire drill and restoring the data

Keeping computers in a secure and air-conditioned environment 

Using generator back up and backing up the data regularly

Limited use of websites and internet uploads

Having a strong internal encryption solution

Mail limited to internal networks alone

Limited access to hardcopy or printouts of the confidential data

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