10 Luxury Car Features That You Can Only Wish to Have In Regular Cars

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Some of the modern-day features are so up to the minute that we wish they could be handed down from the premium section of cars to the mass consumer market. Now touchscreen infotainment systems are a thing of the past, it’s no more considered a fancy addition to your car upholstery. With more and more technology seeping into our cars, there are a lot of other cool stuff that only a high end luxury car segment offers. Read through to see some of the most coveted features offered by luxury brands

Mercedes' silver-plated champagne flutes

Mercedes S600 boasts two options for its rear seats: one is the traditional bench-style three rear seats which keeps to the luxurious standards of Mercedes and second, you can also have your rear seats into two individual seats by a console which stashes a fridge and two fold-out tables with two beautiful silver plated champagne flutes. They also come with their own separate holders to stand still and prevent any spillage.



Aston Martin Transponder Watch

This is the future, some years down the line we bet even fairly ordinary cars will communicate and drive via smartwatches and Aston Martin is already years ahead of this curve. It started selling the Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder watch from the year 2006. This high end luxury watch was recently updated by AMVOX3 spec and is now offered as a $29,500 upgrade while you buy the car. This high-end smartwatch can electronically unlock or lock the doors of both a DB9 or Rapide. This is next level of convenience.



Mercedes Maybach's granite trim

The interiors of a car speaks of luxury. It can either make it or even break it and those wondering that the more regularly used material options won’t bank it, you can make your Maybach’s upholstery made from granite, agree that it is by far one of the best luxury cars. Yes, exactly like those fancy bathroom countertops. You can also opt for a “luxury package” which will take you by surprise.



Bang & Olufsen pop-up tweeters

While we speak of upgrades, next on the list is this Bang & Olufsen pop-up tweeters included in the dash of the new Aston Martin, which upscaled the spend for an additional $7,000. As we all know, people tend to invest huge sums to get that perfect in-car sound system. Even the regular people don’t mind paying a bit extra to enjoy an excellent sound. Aston Martin seriously targets the audiophiles out in the world who have raking mullah. The tweeters offer a world-class musical experience which will never disappoint.



Mercedes S550 scent system

This one is for people who have a larger than average budget to spend huge sums on accessories. Mercedes’ S-Series features this new scent diffusing system with propriety glass vials that can be electronically controlled. You can use it to re-fragrance your car by setting a schedule along with its strength. They have created a total of 4 scents which specially suit the automobile area. However, do note that each pot of scent costs about an additional £50 and lasts for the whole year.



BMW's 'Gentleman Function'

Much to soothe your pleasure, this “Gentleman Function” which has found its use in MW 7- series doesn’t calls for tux clad butler who greets you everytime you move out and serves you with an aged single malt whiskey. This feature electronically allows you to adjust the passenger seat of the vehicle before your companion’s arrival. This proves that chivalry is still alive.



Bentley’s bespoke mechanical clock

This is a shoutout to all the watch lover in the house who also, for a fact, loves all things luxury. You get a Bentley Bentayga with a Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling, a mechanical clock right on you dash. Can it get better than this? Available in two colours, solid white or rose gold with a very high precision winding mechanism. This sterling £150,000 luxury is apparently the most expensive addition you’ll see in the market today. To our surprise, it’s only £10,000 cheaper than the car itself. Eh, LUXURY!!!




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