10 Best Python Certification & Course Offline [2020]

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Python is obviously witnessed as one of the general programming popular coding languages. It is in the top place because of increased popularity and the growth can be witnessed since 2018 constituting 29%. Python is rated by the tayyab index of programming language which has achieved the highest ever rating in 2019 to 8.5%. This is really creating a way for growing opportunity against the competitors language like Java and C in the forthcoming years for stock data scientist, web developers and artificial intelligence experts consider Python as their language since it is very helpful for creating and building coding.

Basic understanding of python knowledge definitely helps in visual to succeed in 11 field especially in the area of data science and automation. Professionals do experience that learning Python will help their career path move up in the ladder because in the future it is going to be completely dominating concept of machine learning and data science.

10 Best Python Certification & Course Offline [2020]

Find below the 10 best fight on certifications or courses for the year 2020

Python for all

Python certification course is available in offline and it aims to concentrate more on the beginner level specialisation for stock since it is focused more for the beginners know basic requirements needed and whoever has a basic understanding of programming languages can take up this course. The Python specialisation is segmented as important courses which will definitely help the students to work on their own project and enhance their knowledge.


● Building applications for retrieving data visualisation and processing

● Fundamentals of programming computers with Python can be learnt

● Structured query language and database design for storing data as described

● Knowing fundamental programming knowledge like data structures

Python bootcamp

In this you will understand the Python installation on your computer then you will get to know about life coding to access the code notebook. Similar to the first one there is no prerequisites are look for this pursuing course


● Get to know the advanced Python features like collections module and timestamps

● Know about the complex topics called decorators

● Fundamentals about creating GUIs In The jupyter Notebook system

● Know to implement object oriented programming

● Get to understand Python project portfolio

Applied data science with Python specialisation

This course seems to be an intermediate option specialisation for which the fundamentals of Python programming is essential. Having knowledge on statistics and mathematics also appreciate a factor since it is going to teach more on Python libraries


● Introduction to data science like numpy and pandas

● Will be learnt on matplotlib and Seaborn in the applied plotting, data representation

● Gain practical knowledge on Python data science libraries

● Understand about data visualisations pros and cons

● Ensure about inferential statistical analysis

● Building networks to explore the social network relationships

● Data analysis with applied machine learning

Python for data science and machine learning

This program is absolutely suitable for beginners and experienced people who are looking to shift their career to data science related fields.


● Usage of python libraries will be learnt like pandas for data analysis, matplotlib for Python plotting, numpy for numerical data, plot life for interactive dynamic visualisations and many more

● Understand the usage of spark for big data analysis

● Machine learning algorithms implementation

● Knowing linear regression, k-means clustering and logistic regression are possible

● Understand random forest and decision trees

● Get to know about language processing and spam filters

● Make sure to know about neural networks and support vector machines

Python programming masterclass

This course is aimed to provide a clear understanding of the programming language. This teachers about writing own programmes


● Get to know about Python 2 and Python 3

● Know more about Python applications

● Inclusion of python object oriented programming skills

Introduction to computing

This is a series program which AIMS at taking through the journey of Python programming language. This helps you to learn about computing principles and programming applications.


● Understand about computer science fundamental and programming. Get to know about writing code, executing some interesting and revising the code.

● Understand procedural programming, data structures and control structures

● Know more about the algorithms, object oriented programming in Python

● Get to understand the complex way of dealing Python data, files, list and dictionaries for creating complex programs

Python for data science

This Python course will definitely make the learners to know more about data science implementation with the help of python course and also understanding of artificial intelligence is possible. This deals with the Python basics, data structures, programming fundamentals, data working and also takes you to the end of creating your own project.


● Artificial intelligence

● Data science learning

● Applied data science

● Understand to work with Python data

● Learn Python libraries

● Know about the control structures

● Get the feature of data structures like dictionaries, list and file manipulation

The Python Bible

The best course and demanding course to be learnt in the Python programming language. This definitely gives you a comprehensive understanding about the fundamental control structures to data structures and also know about the object oriented programming. Moreover it is better to learn these in order to enhance the web development concepts.


● Python3 and creating 11 Python projects can be learnt

● Understand their usage of variables in order to track data in Python programs

● Understand the behind the scenes functionality

● Know about usage of loops to enhance efficiency, time and maximizing the productivity

Python basics

This program helps in getting the fundamental skills which really access foundation for enhanced learning. Get to know about it on layers of the concept involved like jupyter notebooks as well as interactive coding environment. This course will enable the individual to build programs by using conditional long logic and manipulating numbers to react according to the responses of the users.


● Understand to know more about the practice and coding

● Ensure about the programming essentials and the reuse functions

● Learn to understand the fundamental of code troubleshooting

● Make decisions and use conditional statements and loops

Learning python

This is one of the most important courses to be learnt in the Python programming since it provides an installation overview and also get to know about the Python syntax. Alongside the language basics like variables, functions, loops can also be learnt. Python also discuss more about data types come x and dates.


● Get the basic of Python programming

● Know to work with dates and times, learn HTML, JSON and XML data

This list would have given you an idea about which course is important and what kind of courses to be taken to focus on career development. Select the right goes according to your existing qualification and profession based on it you can develop your technical knowledge to shine in the professional field on the respective area of specialisation.

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