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Toddlers Varying Degrees – “Terrible Twos”

Has the toddler started denying to everything you think is good for them, started kicking, yelling, crying, smashing things and saying short words like “it’s mine”, “no”, “yuk” and inventing new daily?

My Friend, that’s the phase of “Terrible Twos”!

No matter how annoying and frazzled this phase terrible twos is, but it’s a mandatory phase in every child’s development and also an indication that the toddler has reached major development milestones.

When this Phase Begins?

The Phase of terrible twos begins when your toddler turns around 18 months. Probably starts when they begin to learn short words, try to start walking, when their expectations and views don’t always match with yours, when they begin to expose themselves to outside world and try to understand things.

This phase is not always necessary that comes around 18 Months but may occur in between of 18-30 Months. And this behavior can even last up till 3 years, and it starts settling back to normal after that.

Managing Terrible Twos:

Is there anything that tests your diffidence and forbearance more than your toddler throwing tantrums and meltdowns in front of you? They're unavoidable, but they're not unstoppable.

Here are a few tips on how to soothe your little ones when they go crazy.


The main thing people think of terrible twos is tantrums and this is just melt downs over anything.

Most often the things which provoke a tantrum for a toddler is you just took away something that they were messing with which in most cases nowadays is “Smartphone” which they just found is exploring and interesting, parents suddenly comes and swipes it away which leads to the meltdown.

Then in such case instead of trying to control the tantrum - turn around, don’t pay attention to the meltdown, once the meltdown is coming to settling stage divert them immediately with for eg: let’s now go play with this toy or let’s go out and play, or something to just distract them.

Praise the good behavior:

Praise the behavior which you approve. If your child is going through something that’s frustrating and you say “no”, and they react well, give them the positive feedback on this behavior. This works well!

The Teachings:

Try and get to teach them good thoughts and behavior when they are in good mood mode. Teach them to have some control by offering them with choices. “Would you like to wear white cap or a blue hat?”

Don’t “s”:

Don’t try and fulfill their all demands just to avoid the embarrassing situations at public places, since this will turn into a habit and their mind will save this “If we meltdown in public places, we will get whatever we want” and they will behave the same whenever you are at such public places like any malls, shopping marts, etc..

Don’t yell at them or spank and hit them, since they will replicate this and start behaving same way with others and create a violent mind-set.


Keep your rule book simple with an offering of brief explanations. Example, tell your toddler to greet people visiting your home. Holding hands while crossing the street.

Keep a proper schedule of regular meals and sleep. Irregularity in meals and sleeps can lead your kid more towards less desirable behavior.

Don’t try to scare your toddlers off with silly things, instead give them brief explanations of the circumstances.

Be specific to things you want to get introduced with your toddlers. Be precise towards at what stage, what things to be introduced to kids, go step by step. Try and avoid gadgets, video games, smartphones to be introduced to your toddler at such stage of age.

“Stay Cool and Calm, don’t get cling to it. Enjoy every phase of Parenthood”

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