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The Best Lipstick shades To Complement Your Next Party Look

Lipsticks are a must have makeup product to be included in your makeup kit. It highlights your lips and gives a glow to your face even if you haven’t applied any makeup other than a lipstick.

So, to keep your lipstick game strong you should be a pro at choosing the most suitable type of lipstick for you as you need to understand that there are different types of lipsticks for different purpose and textures. You have to choose among matte lipsticks, glossy lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, etc. Once you become adept in this you have to be an expert at choosing the right lipstick shades according to your skin tone and look.

We don’t think too much while applying a lipstick for everyday look but we do care about what which lipstick shade we are going to wear in the next party. We have our whole look decided after much speculation and permutation & combination. However, when you are a party girl and have a big circle of friends who also love to party then you have a party coming every week. For such girls, turning up with a new party look to avoid a boring look becomes challenging. Hence, here we have different shades of lipsticks which one can wear to parties:

I. Crimson Color

A little darker shade than red, crimson, is a favourite choice for party look. It is never going to out of trend and the best part is it usually goes with every look or dress. This color looks attractive and feminine. You cannot afford to not have this shade in your collection. This shade is also suitable to all face cut so you don’t have to think about it much. Whenever you are in a last minute confusion of choosing a lip shade, go for this one and you won’t be disappointed.

II. Extra dark purple

For a fashionista who can pull off any look with grace and boldness this shade is an ideal match. This extra dark purple is somewhat like blackberry color which looks amazing on lips. If you are looking for a different lip shade to try you can try this one for a new party look. This will shade will help you to grab attention.

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III. The trendy nude

Nudes are in trend and we all know why. They look classy without having a bright shade. There are different shades available in market so for a party look opt for a nude shade with the undertone of pink so that your lips don’t look washed out. For a sophisticated party you can opt to go for the nude shade.

IV. Matte Orange

Orange lip shade is the new craze. Moreover, it becomes perfect when it is a matte orange. For a modern and sweet look you can put on this lip shade. It will give you a break from your regular colors.

V. Purple Red

For all those luxurious dress which make you feel rich and super high maintenance , this is the lips shade to choose. This lavish color will compliment your expensive party dress by giving you a bold and sexy look.

VI. The classic red

Always in trend, the bright classic red will always remain a party colour. It is truly said that old is gold and therefore, the old choice of lip shade for party still continues without any fail.

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