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When It Comes to Clothes Is It Rude or Not to Ask "Where'd you get that?"

Yes, it is okay for you to ask, but it's also okay for the other person not to respond. There isn't a written rule of thumb or fashion etiquette suggesting you should or shouldn't ask where someone bought something. It's not like you'll get a fashion ticket.

I believe everyone has been out and someone has given you a compliment on your outfit. Possibly you're the one that spotted someone in a cute outfit and offered the compliment.

Next comes the question, "Where'd you get it?" Suddenly, there's a moment of silence or even awkwardness. The person doesn't wish to disclose or maybe it's you who doesn't wish to disclose. Either way, it's not a comfortable situation for anyone.

Now, you're feeling some type of way.

Some people are offended… "I really didn't like the outfit anyway. I was just being courteous." 

Or maybe you simply smile and explain? " It's fine. I understand why you don't want to share." Completely lying. You don't understand.

Why Do You Think People Do Not Wish to Tell ?

Could they feel it is an invasion of their privacy for someone to ask where they bought something?

 Why do you want to know? What do you plan on doing with the information?

Some individuals feel you are attempting to figure out their money. Basically, you're trying to guesstimate how much they have paid for an outfit.

Others have this notion you want to copy them. 

"Get your own fashion." 

Could it be they think you're always trying to duplicate their style? Like the double-mint twins.

Now, granted your mindset may not function like that and your thought process is I thought it was cute, so I asked. However, the other person's mind might be on another level.


I've been guilty of not wanting to disclose before, but hear me out. I know I'm not the only one. Usually, I am pretty good about sharing any information. However, I love thrift stores, and I am fully aware everyone doesn't enjoy secondhand stores, like me. 

One day I was rocking my thrift store find and this young lady complimented me and immediately asked "where'd you get it?" 

I laughed and whispered a thrift store. Truthfully, on the inside, I didn't want to tell her because of the negative condemnation associated with thrift stores. I didn't know her and her response of "Oh" was my reasoning for not wanting to tell. 

The Question: Is it Okay for You to Ask?

Yes, it is okay for you to ask, but it's also okay for the other person not to respond.

There isn't a written rule of thumb or fashion etiquette suggesting you should or shouldn't ask where someone bought something. It's not like you'll get a fashion ticket. However, there does appear to be an unwritten rule suggesting you should mind your manners.

Basically, mind your own business.

Case in point. If you've heard one of the following statements, it's obvious this person didn't wish to disclose.

"Oh someone bought this for me, so I'm not really sure where it came from."

"You know this is so old"

"I can't remember "

And so on. This typically means someone didn't want to tell you where they purchased an item.

Honestly, who knows the true reason why we find it rude or not to ask. But, I wanted to offer you food for thought.

Through various situations in my life, I have found it better simply not to ask. And the fact you searched this article, it was probably best you didn't ask too.

Author -

My name is Kimberly but I usually go by ftstager. I enjoy sharing my life experiences. I have an appreciation for the simplest things in life. In addition, I love being beautiful and fashionably correct. Check out my blog where I share tips on beauty, decor, and fashion.

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