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Are You Dressed Appropriately for Work?

If you want to advance in your career or to be received as a professional then you must present yourself as such. You must dress for success!

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Have you ever been invited to an event and somehow you missed the attire theme? You arrive basically overdressed while the other patrons’ are sporting sandals or flip flops with shorts. You feel as though you’re dressed inappropriately for the event.

That’s the same for your office life. Your office clothing should characterize you as a skilled individual, not as a party goer.

Now, of course, this post isn’t for everyone. I am aware different professions require different clothing. I mainly want to address individuals assigned to wear business casual attire because whatever your expertise you must dress appropriately.

Business casual is a style of dress that gives a businesslike impression. At times it can be a little tricky because you don’t want to appear overdressed or underwhelming. Lately, I’ve noticed people have really lost sight of business casual fashion. They are not dressed appropriately for work and oblivious to the fact.


If your “club life” and office life equate to the same outfits, then revamp your closet. Simple as that.

Ladies you cannot be trapped between clubbing attire, an after 5 dress, or being too casual for work. If your profession is not in the adult entertainment industry (no disrespect intended), then no one should be confused or even joke regarding your place of employment when it comes to your clothes.


4” pumps are best suited for a night out and not for your place of employment.


Plus, you know your feet hurt honey. We see you! You are putting unnecessary pressure on your feet and knees for work. .


Don’t wear a body-con dress to work. That’s all I have for that. 

We don’t need to see your every curves. We get it you workout. Or you don’t workout, but you love your full physique.

Either way, get out of that skin-tight dress because you are dressed inappropriately for work. If you happened to find a body-con dress appropriate for work, I would still suggest wearing a lightweight kimono or cardigan over it.


At work, your clothing is a representation of you and you should be taken seriously. A professionally dressed woman, should not prompt catcalling. Usually, if you present yourself in a respectful manner, respect should be reciprocated. At work, you should receive proper greetings such as hello and respectful compliments on your appearance. 

No one is suggesting you wear a suit daily, but I do believe, thought should be given to more suitable apparel for your employment.

Try investing in fairly conservative attire such as:

* Informal dresses

* Slacks

* Dress or Suit Pants

* Shirts (button down or pull over)

* Flat shoes or Consider Shorter Heels 1-3”


I love to be a head turner like the next person but there is a time and a place for everything. When it comes to working you should want to present yourself as a dependable, hardworking, and reliable employee.

If you want to advance in your career or to be received as a professional then you must present yourself as such. You must dress for success!

About the Author

My name is Kimberly but I usually go by ftstager. I enjoy sharing my life experiences. I have an appreciation for the simplest things in life. In addition, I love being beautiful and fashionably correct. Check out my blog where I share tips on beauty, decor, wellness and fashion. 

Cover image by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

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Academic stress is common in every youth during college life as stress is available at multiple steps that create a problem, especially in studies. From achieving the goal for the admission in dream subject and college until you get placed is a hefty task. Some students prefer not to take stress as many other options are available that can sort your troubles of college life like online assignment help, adopting a technology learning method, exercising, getting emotional support, etc.

Keeping backup options like changing of subjects for example from the art field to the science field automatically gets deleted while studying in college as you somewhere choose your future as each year passes by. Following the dream destination is not easy and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

With time, competition is becoming difficult day by day as many students are emerging to fight for admissions every year. Mostly students with top scores get the opportunity. As universities are also upgrading their syllabus and leveling up in terms of usage of technology and adding an international approach, it is becoming more difficult to survive.

8 Tips To Decrease Academic Stress

Stress is not a healthy sign as it decreases the creativity in a student and does not create much interest in studying. Students who face stressful careers somewhere affect their performance in their studies and affect the marks. Leading a stressful life during college days is a big NO.

Tips That Can Help You Lead A Better College Life:

1. Manage Your Schedule

Making a to-do-list is very important when in college. This gives time to time notifications of the task you have to do as you tend to forget and procrastinate which leads to bigger stress. You can download various apps that help you to make your work according to the schedule. This might make you think that managing schedules during college life do not help because you are more into here and their things. But scheduling the task helps rather making things delayed.

It makes you stress-free for the next day and prepares you for more things that you can manage on time. The big industrialists also work this way and therefore achieve their goals.

2. Eat Healthily

Eating healthy means good mood and that leads to productive day functioned by a healthy brain. Eating a good amount of nutrients not only helps you with the excellent functioning of the brain but also helps with controlling stress.

Stress can lead to a lot of problems like anxiety, panic, diseases, obesity, fear, low confidence, etc. that can be managed with healthy eating. By healthy eating it means lots of veggies in your diet, eating clean and avoiding fried, stale, more carbs, gluten foods, etc. many health advisers suggest to eat a good amount of nutrients that function your brain smoothly and therefore makes you more focussed in studies.

3. Take Online Assistance

As part of semester programs, there are a lot of studies included in the syllabus with the bulk of assignments. It becomes stressful at one point to manage all things together and impacts your confidence in achieving good marks. Sometimes to somehow get rid of those assignments you tend to do plagiarism from the internet sources which results in a bad situation.

Taking online assignment help is becoming an option nowadays among the students who are not able to take workload and want to strengthen their studies. There are so many affordable online assignment assistance is available that can ease some of your stress.

4. Follow Your Passions While Studying

Not giving up on your passion things can make you less stressful. Following your childhood passion until college not only sets your career accordingly. But also helps you in relieving your stressful days. Doing your favourite things while studying provokes you to focus and do creative things. It makes you patient for work and even makes you calm from the inside. If you do not have any passion for anything then you can join classes of your interest like dance, singing, theatre, swimming, sports, etc.

5. Include Some Sports During College Time

If you are good at sports do join it in your college as it makes a big help to your brain. Sports are anyway a better choice in everything as it not only makes you fit but it makes your brain active for work. Doing an exercise or playing any sport boosts your performance which results in good grades. If you do not follow any sport ask someone from the sports community to help you learn, as you might build a passion for it.

6. Participate In College Events

As you know being in college means more events and more societies. There are so many college event societies like theatre, dance, fashion, sports and subject societies like science, journalism, management, etc. it keeps you busy at work somewhere and that is very much helpful in managing stress.

7. Drink Water And Breathe

This looks obvious for you but yes it plays a major role in managing stress. Drinking lots and lots of water provides your brain with more oxygen to think as well as flushes out your toxins. Drinking water makes you feel light, keeps your stomach healthy which automatically results in the healthy functioning of your body.

To lead a stress-free life there is a secret that every person holds i.e. ‘breathing’. You can find various right breathing techniques for eliminating stress by searching it online. Whenever you find yourself worrying or panicked always take a break and take long breaths. Try this and feel energetic as well as recharge.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is a precious need that everyone wants. More sleep during college days gives you a positive impact. De-stress your mind takes long hours of sleep especially during college days as with time and age sleep gets limited. Sleep is another secret ingredient for a stress-free life. Sleeping often gets you away with stress easily and makes you forget all the worries. Every time sleeping is not a solution but putting your maximum hours into rest helps you in academics a lot.

Stress management is all about taking care of your body with the full potential of health needs that create a positive impact. So practice all the above-given steps to lead a stress-free life.

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